The Ways in Which Technology Has Reconstructed The Concept of Shopping

Technology has changed the way in which we used to live. So, it is bound to change the face of shopping as well. The whole concept of shopping has undergone a sea change, thanks to the advancement in technology. However, change is a relative term both in case of shopping and technology, because these undergo constant changes. And the changes in technology is one of the many factors that affect shopping norms as well. From variety to looks to trials, nothing will be the same ever again, once a shopper starts using the online shopping

How The Stores Are Adapting

Being adaptive has been the mantra to success for most of the merchants, irrespective of online or offline. Technology hasn’t simply made online shopping popular, but is also blurring the distinction between online and offline shopping. It is a smart amalgamation of classic retailing with the new age etailing! And it is not only the consumers who have embraced new age shopping, but also the merchants who are changing the way they have been doing business to maintain a loyal customer base.

Previously retailers used to learn about a customers likes and needs only after a customer stepped inside their store. Cut to today, shopkeepers stay well informed about customer demands, likes and dislikes and design their products likewise to stay ahead in this highly competitive world. No wonder stores like Limeroad, Voonik, Shopnineteen, Myntra, Ajio and others curate their collection on the basis of consumers’ browsing history. Be it checking out the collections on Myntra or finalizing Ajio online shopping deals, every other factor gets analyzed by the merchants before these are rendered viewable by the customers.

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Having a popular brick and mortar store is no more the formula to success. Merchants have realized that it is equally important to have a stylish and easy to use online store and a shopping app, alongside a welcoming physical store. That is because, consumers these days may not always have time to visit a physical store and may like to shop while on the go.

Unique shopping experience

Now it is all about unique shopping experience. For example, having the benefit of a trial room online. Was that even possible a few years ago? Definitely not. Now, Abof has introduced the virtual 3D trial room, where you can set up the figure as per your size preferences and then try out apparel for free.

Voonik on the other hand offers personal styling experts who advises you on which style and outfit would best suit you. Then there’s Limeroad, where you can shop on the basis of scrapbooks created by fashionistas. You can create your own scrapbook too and earn credits. Shopping and earning at the same time has become a new way to make the most of online shopping. There even are lots of merchants who offer customized products to make retail therapy worthy of each penny.

With the advent of online shopping, consumers could visit stores on their PC. But, with this is fast changing too. Shopping apps are taking up the space with the fast evolving technology. These apps are user friendly and highly intuitive, thereby offering a completely personal and satisfying shopping experience. A few taps and you are goo to go. Slide, select and drop is the mantra of new age shopping. And then there’s the online payment facilities as well, which makes shopping even easier than ever.

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