Caller ID Faker Android App

caller id fakerHave you ever thought of making a fake call from your smartphone by just using an android application? Well, this is now possible by just installing an android application to your respective android smartphone or tablet where you get a chance of making fake calls from your android smartphone. This android application is known as caller id faker. Here in this post we are going to give you a review on this application and we are also gonna talk about its features and interface. So, let’s take a closer look on this android application.

Working- as I have mentioned that caller id faker android application allows you to make fake calls to any USA and Canada no. Well, you can only make fake calls to USA and Canada for now. Just get a phone no. and place the no. into this android application and hit place call. You can even change the voice on call. You can choose any voice style you want to have between man and woman. This android application also allows you to record calls from your smartphone by just hitting the recording option on. This is a very useful application where you get an opportunity to make fake calls free for 2 min and if you want to increase the time limit then you can online purchase the credits from this android application.


This android application has a pretty easy and smart interface where you won’t be facing any problems to operate this android application. You can download this application from this Here. After that you can easily install this application to your smartphone or tablet. Just what you have to do is open the respective application and enter the no. to number to call option and then select the fake id as you want and just hit the place call button and you are done with it.


The size of this application is just 574kb so, you won’t have to wait much to download this applications it will be done in few seconds.


There are several options which you will see on the start screen of this application. You will see number to call option where you have to insert the no. and the next one is select called fake id. You can also select the record button on and off if you will record or not.


I would say that this is the best applications for making fake calls. This android application is available for free and you need not pay anything for this application. You get free calls for just 2 min. and if you want to increase the call duration then you can purchase online credits. Well, that was an overview for this application. I am using this application from 2-3 months and I would say that if you want to make fake id calls from your smartphone then this can be the best android app which doesn’t reveals your identity.

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