The Six Best Podcast Applications For Android

For years, we know that most of the mobile devices have a feature to play music. Throughout the years, Android devices have developed the ability to listen to music through Podcast. Different from other platform devices, thanks to Android, which provides many Podcast applications for the user’s choice, from the free to paid version. For your reference on choosing the best podcast, here are six best Podcast applications for podcast applications

Six Best Podcast Applications For Android


This application has become favorite for many people after the redesign. Compared to other Podcast application, BeyondPod used to lack in the visual design which makes it less attractive. However, the overall features of this application, turned many people into its loyal users. The BeyondPod manager allows you to save the feeds and check it out again in offline mode. Moreover, it is able to automatically download and creates smart playlists based on what you frequently listen to, have a single access to your Podcast through a widget, and many more. The BeyondPod has Chromecast support in which enables automatic background download. This application offers seven days free trial for you to test the BeyondPod.

Podcast Addict

If you are looking for a free but good podcast application, the Podcast Addict is the best choice. You can choose the free version with advertisement supported or the paid version for the premium application. Even though, the design may lack in some aspects, it has paid off with the features. Podcast Addict allows you to import and search feeds from lots of sources. It manages all of your audio and video podcast, YouTube channel, news channel, and even an iTunes podcast which other podcast applications do not offer. It also gets the Chromecast support which allows you to automatically download and update, search engine, sleep time, theme, and many more.


This application has been the longtime favorite for many people. The UI interface gets better after a few updates; however, it is still one step behind from the leading competition. Even though the interface may lack in some parts, but other features are still worth checking out. It allows you to automatically download, categorize your feed, as well as Chromecast support. It is available at a very affordable price.

Player FM

Another one of the best podcast applications for android. The Player FM has the most modern looking interface for Android. Compare to other competing Podcast, Player FM is the most amazing. Similar to other Podcast application, Player FM is equipped with lots of useful features such as sync subscription as well as Chromecast support. The most leading point of Player FM is it has great discoverability features. The good news is this application is completely free without trial version forever.

StitcherFor Podcast

Most people knew StitcherFor Podcast as Internet Radio Service without realizing that this application has Podcast service for Android devices. This application allows you to browse as well as add your favorite channel and “stitch” and get them together into your favorite playlist. You can also keep up to date with daily news through plenty news programs. It also has a single sign-in feature for Google and Facebook for your convenience. It still maintains the old style design which makes it more familiar with the previous users.

Podcast Republic

This application allows you to search directly from iTunes right away from your Android device. It is also able to search into most of the available Podcast. Supported in various languages, Chromecast, built-in media player, and many more.

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