Why Python Is Revolutionizing The World of Mobile App Development

Today’s digital world is built on programming. The different awesome apps that you have downloaded and installed on your mobile device, making your life easier and more exciting were designed with codes. These codes come from a given computer programming language.Python Is Revolutionizing

When it comes to programming languages, there are two basic types.

  1. Back-end programming or Server-side programming languages

These are programming languages used to write codes associated with server operations. Such processes include storing information in databases, updating or deleting them, and ensuring that there’s a secure database connection.

Examples of back-end programming languages include Python, PHP, Node.js, and Asp.net.

  1. Front-end or client-side programming languages

These are the programming languages used to write codes for designing contents that clients see. They are mostly used for creating the UX and UI. Examples of front-end languages include JavaScript, Objective C, Swift, and Flash.

These programming languages are also used for developing both the front and back ends of mobile applications. However, the one that catches our interest in this post is Python. We will be examining it in depth.

Python came into limelight as a programming language in 2014. Most mobile app development company applaud its clean syntax. This means that there will be fewer codes to be written. It is so highly readable, easy to learn, and to implement as well.

Features of Python for developing mobile apps

 Mobile app development company fall in love with Python because the language is programmer-friendly, dynamic, expressive, and easily interpreted. Python ranks as one of the most object-oriented languages (functions, objects and combining data) among developers.

Its major features include:

  1. Cross-platform application

Python codes can run on a variety of platforms including Linux/Unix, OS/2, Amiga, Mac, and Windows.

  1. Easy integration

Python can be easily integrated with Java, ActiveX, C, C++, COM, and CORBA.

  1. Flexibility

Python is highly flexible and dynamic. Here is the main reason why industry leaders like Google, IBM, and Yahoo work with it.

  1. Rich content

It offers rich library sources and a variety of tools to work with.

  1. Interactive Mode

Python features an interactive mode, which makes it easy for testing and debugging codes in snippets.

  1. Portability

It retains the same interface across the various hardware platforms on which it can run.

  1. Scalability

It has a better structure and is better for large programs than shell scripting.

  1. GUI Programming

It supports GUI apps which is compatible with different libraries, system calls, and windows.

Some popular apps developed with Python

These include:

  • PyroutePyroute. This is a mobile app for GPS-enabled mapping and routing.
  • Foodplus. A famous localized app that makes the ordering of food quite easy.
  • AppBackup. Used to backup and restore settings and data for apps on App Store for jailbroken iOS mobile devices.
  • Aarlogic C05/3. This app that is based on Google Maps is used for GSM/GPS tracking.


Python has continued to occupy a remarkable space in the computer programming language industry and is worth giving a try at learning.

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