Augmented Reality App And Mobile App Development – Gateway To Success

The technological world is changing fast, and to keep up at a highly competitive market wholesalers, retailers and marketers follow the new tech tendencies. Augmented reality and virtual reality are the technologies, which involve user in computer-generated environment. The difference between two technologies is in their cost and required devices. AR merges two worlds: real and virtual, and creates the environment with using smartphone, tablets and mobile applications. VR completely replaces real world with computer-generated reality, involving headset, glasses to block the around view. Augmented reality and mobile app development is a gateway for capturing customers’ attention and loyalty.  And mobile app developers use this exciting technology to create outstanding products for their clients. Augmented reality company in Canada Silver Solutions offers the full range of services in developing mobile apps, using latest technologies and individual approaches.Augmented Reality App And Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development For Retail

Best companies, market leaders use augmented reality in their marketing strategy. Converse company successfully brought the idea in harnessing AR to retail. Customers don’t need to go outside for searching the most suitable pair of shoes, they just need to download the Converse Shoe Sampler shopping app, point on beloved pair with their smartphones and see how it will look like on their foot. Then with one-click they can save the image and share it with world in social networks to know the opinion of friends and to get advice. Wow-factor makes such mobile apps very popular and increases engagement level. Programming augmented reality and virtual reality apps requires specialized knowledges and it’s extremely important to find the right partner. Augmented reality and mobile app development company in Canada Silver Solutions is an expert in mobile app development and has innovative tools and approaches to bring unique features to each single project.converse-app

Augmented Reality App Development Increases Shareability Index

One of the most important indexes for sales is “shareability”. If the app provides user with fun and entertainment, if user enters it to relax, believe us, he would share the idea of spending good-time with his friends. So the concept of saving photos and videos from mobile applications and sharing in social networks is a lost-lasting one. Virality plays a key role in this case as it’s directly connected with target audience outreach. By delivering awesome buying experience you ensure your clients will become your brand ambassadors. Using AR technology, you’ll not only retain your existing customers, but you’ll attract the new ones. AR mobile shopping apps help to create an emotional connect with the users and to reach their loyalty. Therefore, your conversion rates grow and your sales rate increases. Augmented reality apps help to shorten time of making purchases, as they are provided with the function of virtual wearing and customer has the realistic picture of how the item will look like on him. And as the result the process is speeded up. Augmented reality app development company Silver Solutions will definitely make your company be noticed among billions of others. Start receiving the advantages from applying augmented reality and mobile app development in your marketing strategy today with the best augmented reality and mobile app development company in Canada – Silver-Solutions.netamex-coachellaar-600


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