Ways To Use Mobile Technology For Exam Preparation

Mobile technology is used for the mobile learning. The mobile learning includes learning the different contexts through the social and the content interactions. The mobile technology includes the usage of internet and students can learn using the mobile technology from anywhere any time. This makes the learning personalized and students can gain more knowledge. Because some concepts students cannot understand properly, in this case with the use of mobile technology candidates can easily understand the concepts.Use Mobile Technology For Exam Preparation

Nowadays we can see that most of the candidates are preparing for the bank examinations, JEE Mains 2017 and CBSE also. In particular these examinations are tough to crack in the first attempt. So candidates are trying to find new and easy ways to solve the questions. In this case the mobile technology usage is more for the exam preparation.

8 Best Ways To Use Mobile Technology For Exam Preparation

Learning Through The Videos

There are many sites to learn the different concepts they give you complete information this may be class-I or any other concept regarding the bank examination. Let us consider the youtube, in which we can post the videos and as well as we can watch the videos on different devices which includes the smart phones, tablets and the phones. By uploading the videos whether it is student or teacher, others can learn from it and prepare for the examination. Seeing the classes, various problem solving techniques makes the preparation of the exam process easier and interesting. This is the reason why online videos are the good sources for students.

Exchange of Information And Easy To Communicate

Most of the students do project regarding any important topic. This is used to explain the concepts easily and this makes students to show more interest in education and gaining knowledge. In this case the apps like whatsapp, wechat e.t.c. are more useful. You can exchange any new ideas that you want to implement in the project. It is also used in setting up the group conversations. This is the right platform to discuss about your work and the project results.

Exam Preparation Apps

Most of the students want to take the mock test after the completion of their preparation. So that they can analyze themselves that where they are lagging. While there are several mobile apps which are specially made for the students who are preparing for the examinations. These practice papers are given in such a way that some exam papers are given based on the level of difficulty, some are based on the concepts and in some cases they are based on each and every particular subjects. There are different features such as mock papers, practice papers, sample papers e.t.c which helps you for the preparation of the examination at your home only. With is you can analyze yourself and you can find in which area you are finding difficulty and then you can work on it.

Note Taking

Students find taking the notes as a boring task, the note taking apps are useful in taking the notes in their smartphones or a tablet. So that they can review it later. If there are any mistakes in the notes then the note translates and identifies the mistakes. If you are taking the notes using the pen and paper in some cases you may forget and you may lose it. But i can bet you that in anytime you have your smartphone with you and this is the big advantage because you can learn anywhere and you can revise it with the help of the notes.

Becoming Serious And Organised

If you use your smartphone in a right way that is instead of playing games. If you are using it to gain some knowledge then you are serious about your career. Being organised is the important key to the success. There is a organizer app, this app helps you in giving the complete about the schedule and assignments you have to complete. This helps in completing your work in time and you won’t miss any work that you have to complete. This reminds you the study plan, when it’s time to study and when it’s time to attend any particular lecture and in this way the app works. There are also some apps in which you can put your own sub-tasks and stay organized every step.


Ebooks, ereaders and the ereader apps are used to the candidates who prefer to study the study guide or any tutorial. These are inexpensive and practical way of the study. Compared with the books these are more useful because the books have the massive syllabus and are expensive. But in case of eBooks you can read anything from it and this fits in the pocket. You can read anywhere and anytime. The best part is you can search in the eBook, if you have any doubt regarding any topic you can research and find the solution for it.

General Knowledge

While preparing for the examination the students are completely confused. For this there are many educational sites which offer the short courses which cover the syllabus for any competitive examination. This apps gives the information regarding the newspapers which covers both national and regional news also gives the daily news. This is used when you are preparing for any bank exams or the competitive exams like JEE Exam, cat exam. E.t.c

Making Seminars And Presentations

Not only in case of examinations, the mobile technology is used in completing the assignments and project seminars, presentations. Earlier we used to prepare the presentations for the seminars in the computer and then we carry the external hard drives for the presentation in the college or school. But now using android mobiles we can store the complete info in it and ifwe want to do any corrections in it. We can do it and adding salient features is also possible. Having the material regarding the presentation in your smart phone makes it more easier to connect it with the projector.

So this is how students can use the mobile technology for their study and for the exam preparation.

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