5 best apps for real estate agents and brokers

Real estate industry has completely changed due to the new technologies and innovations that have been introduced in this industry. The industry has become something more now and it is easier to deal in the industry now. The job of a real estate agent and broker is in demand right now and you need to understand why it is so.

This job was always very successful due to the highly efficient work that they do. The real estate agents and brokers have the responsibility of finding the right property for their clients and take care of all the papers, the money and everything. It is a tiresome job because every person doesn’t have the same taste and choice and hence it is very difficult to deal with people and find the most right thing for them.

There are various things that the real estate agents and brokers of today can use to provide the most to their clients. These apps can help the agents and brokers to create an ever-lasting image/ effect on the minds of clients and people. It is real success when someone says something good about you and when someone recommends you to some other person. Hence this should be your goal along with providing the perfect house to each of your client.  

The job of a real estate agent and broker involves a lot of reading, studying and knowing the most and everything about the properties around the base of the real estate agent and knowing everything about the city and every detail about each property in the city. He should have tie ups with various builders and companies which will profit his clients and give them a good house that they are looking for. Hence there are various applications in the market that can be extremely helpful to the real estate agents and brokers in making their service bigger and better.

Using these websites regularly will make you extremely efficient and very good at you work. It is also important that you know about the other cities too in case somebody wants to know about properties in flats for sale in Bangalore or properties in Pune, the real estate agent should have all the information. For the same, following are the apps that can be considered top class for them.


  1. Housing app can be used for various purposes but the major one being the property search. The application is one of the best applications of all times and every real estate agent should have it on his phone. It is highly useful and it will be of great help to you when you are finding properties for your clients as it will tell you exactly which properties will be best for them by you specifying the details.
  2. Emi eligibility calculator is an important tool that you should have with you. The calculator is highly useful as it will tell the exact amount that your clients can afford to spend on their house.
  3. Google maps are another very important app that every real estate agent should have because it will help you in determining where exactly the property is and it is highly helpful and useful.
  4. Zillow is another most amazing app that the real estate people should have. It has the information about each and every property in the entire town and it is highly useful for the real estate agents.
  5. Sitegeist is another app that one can have. It has all the basic information of the area and the city like the temperature, trending things in the city so on.
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