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Do you remember yourself ten or fifteen years ago? Probably, your opinion about some problems was different, while some issues couldn’t even exist for you, for example: getting married, having children. The environment becomes different making you change. So, you may never say your life is absolutely boring, at least, we hope so.Online Marketing Trends

The same can be said about online marketing: customer preferences, cooperation with social media and sudden trends like memes – they are all two different apples now and 2-3 years ago. To be honest, it is a good thing as keep professionals interested in the area, it makes people guessing what will be next, they are still engaged in self-development.

Adoption of new trends is a good idea, but there is something we may take from previous years as well.

Focus on Brand, Not The Product

Now marketers tend to spend less attention to brand’s features, but to establish relations of partnership, to make you feel better altogether with the brand. It is the time when companies become friendlier to potential customers, as if saying: we are near you and ready to help when you will need the service of the kind.

Come Closer, But Don’t Bother Me

People are open to get in touch with brands in social media when having a problem, but the rest of the time they would like to see them simply “cool” without breaking private space and trying to conquer the audience too much. People are not full and they certainly see when they are played on emotions and in this case the ad will be treated too negatively.

Focus on Apps

Nowadays we have thousands of apps for any purpose at all. Some of them like maps, audio player as Google for searching and it gives brands good opportunity to grow.

Native Ads

It is never a secret that natives are treated more loyally, but they have one subtle aspect. Another approach to copy with using unique preferences should be implemented. A great job with cookies is to be done as well as deeper understanding of the audience. There are a lot of native advertising platforms help you getting more traffic and reach audience.

Area of Influence Shift

Conquering a new space is a good idea, but now it’s time to do something really great with that one you have, as people are overwhelmed with brands’ tending to be vivid. We are expecting brands coming to people of influence, who have already made their audience and reputation, and getting some benefit from them.

Talking Experience

People start talking to their gadgets, it means they start using services not requiring touching, typing or something like that, only voice is needed. The area is quite new, but marketers have a great chance to play on it, until all the family have come home.



To sum up

Of course, the tendencies mentioned is not the whole list. But these ideas seemed to us the most prominent and eye-catching. You may also note something peculiar from your area, and we hope you have learned from it quite well. But common things for all the market should be deeply studies and examined what can be adopted right now.

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