List of Widely Used Keyboard Shortcut Keys of Windows 7

Keyboard Shortcut Keys of Windows 7Keyboard shortcuts key are very important to increase our productivity and to save our valuable time. Remembering  these shortcuts will help you to increase your productivity.Here is a list of keyboard shortcut keys of Windows 7 lists-

Lock screen :- Windows key + L

Minimize all open windows :- Win + M

Minimize all but the current window :- Win + Home

Undo all window minimization :- Win + Shift + M

Maximize window :- Windows key + up-arrow

Make all windows transparent to see the desktop :- Windows key + spacebar

Cycle through all open windows :- Alt+Esc

Switch between open windows :- Alt + Tab

If the current window is restored, minimize it; if it is restored, minimize it :- Win+Down Arrow

Open Run dialog :- Windows key + R

Open Search box :- Windows key + F

Dock window to left or right half of screen :- Windows key + left- or right-arrow

Go up a level in Windows Explorer :- Alt + up-arrow

Close the active window :- Alt+F4

Switch to previous active window :- Alt+Tab

Cycle through applications on taskbar :- Win+T

Launch apps pinned to the Taskbar[1 is the left most app] :- Win + (number 1-9)

Open Windows Explorer to computer :- Windows key + E

Rotate a picture clockwise or counterclockwise :- Control + period or control + comma

Turn Sticky Keys on and off :- Press Shift key for five times

Toggle showing the desktop :- Win+D

switch monitors :- Wind + P

Flip 3D :- Win+Tab

Persistent Flip 3D :- Ctrl+Win+Tab

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