Top 5 Best Android Mobile Browsers

Best Android Mobile BrowsersBrowsers have become an integral part of phones to day. With the increase in data consumption of a consumer, the need to have a functional and intuitive browser is a must. Mobile browsers have evolved over the years and today, we are in an era of HTML5 and web apps. Today, we have so many web apps that a good browser is a necessity and not an essentiality. Keeping in mind the entertainment factor of the consumers, here is a list of the best android mobile browsers of 2013.

List of Best Android Mobile Browsers

Google Chrome

Arguably, the most widely used desktop browser in the world just got better with the mobile version. The mobile version came in pretty late but I believe it was worth the wait. The app combined the desktop software’s varied abilities with a mobile’s agility. The combination of which functioned well enough with the android eco-system to deliver amazing results. The Google Chrome mobile browser is today one f the bet browsers supporting HTML5 and the webapps designed for the browser work flawlessly on the system. Moreover, the user gets a very intuitive experience while using the browser, shifting screens and flipping through tabs. Closing the tabs is also spectacular.

Dolphin Browser HD

Another browser which is at equal footing with the above browser. But there are always variations. The way a user uses the Dolphin Browser HD is unique as most of the usage is gesture based and voice guided. The improved UI and the voice dictation service has propelled this browser in to the elite league. The mobility and speed of the browser and loading of web pages is also commendable.

Opera Mini Mobile Browser

The Opera Mini series of browsers have always been the best light weight mobile browser since its inception into the market of browsers. But, the latest offering from Opera is sufficiently fast enough which enhances the overall multi-tasking abilities of the mobile device. This new, light offering goes without saying that it is pretty fast. There is not much gesture control here but the options let you customize the browser according to the user’s usability.

Mozilla Firefox

The beta version ran in the market for a pretty long time till now. Now, the mozilla firefox browser will come in a more stable and secure version. The features are pretty tight including smart tabs and a ‘hiding’ feature of the open tabs. The privacy options will be updated and mozilla sync is fully functional.

SkyFire Browser

One of the most popular mobile browsers. This browser, supposedly one of the best browsers’ in the market has also been recommended by Tech Crunch. The browser is unique, as in it comes integrated with major social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. The UI is simple and in addition to browsing the internet, one gets an added advantage of sharing things on the social web.

The android eco-system is fast evolving. Apps keep improving and more apps keep getting added. Sometimes, it may become a problem in itself to find the right app for oneself. Therefore, a piece of advice, experiment with the various apps and try to find the best for yourself. If you don’t have that much of time, use the mobile version of your desktop browser.

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