How to Take Screenshots in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

Today we would like to list some easy ways to take screenshots in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Among various browsers available in the market Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are the most popular browsers all around the world. Web surfers love these browsers because of its unique features, performance, addons to make browsing secure and comfortable.Take Screenshots in Firefox, Chrome and Internet ExplorerDuring surfing, people often save important contents, pages, articles, tutorials to access later. And the great thing is that they can access these things offline means without an active internet connection. Although there are several ways to save a webpage, the most popular one is taking a screenshot of it. You can easily take screenshots in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer by follwing the procedures mentioned below.

How To Take Screenshots in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

Anyone can take a screenshot of a webpage using the Windows Keyboard shortcuts on Windows OS and Mac Keyboard shortcuts on a Mac OS. But it is not convenient everyday. Because with this shortcut you can’t capture part of a webpage. You need to install some addons to capture selected area of a web page. With the help of these add-ons you can save the screenshot of a webpage in fomats like JPG, PNG, PDF etc.


fireshot screen captureFireshot is the most popular and widely used addon to take screenshots in one click. This extension works with all common browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. Fireshot not only take the screenshot but also allows its users to perform quick edits, add text annotations, print and email to others.

Awesome Screenshot

Another widely used, highest rated addon for taking screenshots on internet browsers. Capture the whole webpage or any portion, edit, annotate, and share captured images quickly and easily through Awesome Screenshot. This addon also available for all popular browsers.

Nimbus Screen Capture

nimbus screenshot captureThis addon not only capture Web page but also record video from a screen. After taking the screenshot, users can add various patterns, arrows, text and lines to it. Apart from addon, this tool is available as a free desktop software for Windows 8.1 / 7.

Webpage Screenshot

Take screenshots of your favorite webpages with this easy to use extension. You can even set your own customized shortcut keys to make the whole process faster. You can also save the captured screenshots in multiple formats like JPG, PNG etc.

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