10 Must Have Android Apps

If you want to dive yourself in the sea  of unending fun, excitement, jubilation by making the best use of the Android apps, then the post will help you with the 10 must have android apps. Thanks to the sophisticated features, you will feel prouder of owning a phone which will make you go “wow”.

must have android appsAny.DO

We are bombarded with so many tasks and responsibilities that keeping track of all our duties becomes quite challenging at times. This is where the role of one of the 10 must have android apps namely Any.Do comes into play. If you ask me as to how can you keep a check of all your pending assignments, then it is very easy. You just have to drag and drop the task (whatever comes in your mind) into specific folders or on the basis of days. Hence, you make the whole procedure easy since you can make “to do list” without any sort of mistakes. Hence, now you are never far from accomplishing those important assignments as an android app namely Any. Do is there for your needs.


If you are looking to scan RSS feeds in a quick manner, then it work wonders and what more do you need when you can send to your twitter account, e-mail, EverNote or Instapaper.


In an age where keeping a check of your finances is a herculean task, however with Mint you don’t have to worry as it lets you know the extent of money which you have spent. Through this Android app, you know that how much you have in your account and whether you are effectively keeping your finances under check or not. The whole procedure is safe and secure since it is password protected. Thereby, as you know your spending power, you are in a better position to keep a track of your finances as well.


If using phone’s keyboard gives hell lots of problem then through this Android app you can change it altogether. You get into the world of great personalization like the way you want.

Dolphin Browser HD

The utility of the browser becomes manifolds as it comes with host of features which will make any body jump with joy. Besides adding custom gestures, you can equally sync it with Google bookmarks. Another thing which can’t be overlooked is that it supports various plug-ins.


If you are looking towards creating a personalized reading list, then amongst the 10 must have android apps, Pocket is the must for you. You can simply sync with any device and this can be done easily, provided that you Achieve stories as you are finished reading them. In this way, you can have a list of endless numbers of articles and you just need to search by URL or title.


Another android app which can let you enter the world of ease and comfort is SnapPea. Downloading is quite easy and thereby you are free to use it for managing your music, photos, videos apart from contacts right from your desktop. Thanks to the awesome feature of this android app, you can easily merge every single entry into one and it just takes few clicks only. How can I forget telling you that you can also side-load apps from your desktop in order to save yourself from any sort of interference of the 15MP app download? Hence, needless to say that you are going to get big files right when you need them without any sort of difficulty.


If you are looking to create documents, presentations as well as spreadsheets either on your phone or tablet by equally syncing them with Google Drive storage, then it is the best choice for you. Great, isn’t it?

SketchBook Pro

If you are looking to give better use to your photos, then SketchBook Pro is there. It goes deep towards giving an enhanced charisma to your coveted photos by adding separate layer.

MX Player

Thanks to its highly developed codec support, you can easily play any video file provided that you are backed with sufficient power on tap. You also get the feature of various plug-ins for boosting the hardware acceleration. The advantage of this android app lies in the fact that it is easily operated and is quite reliable as well.

Finally, aforesaid are the 10 must have android apps which will ease you to the fullest. After all, happiness becomes manifolds with the available android apps. So, don’t miss them.

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