Minecraft For PC Free Download (Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP)

If you are a game freak and love playing games like anything, then you might have noticed the evolution of games that have taken place since you started playing. Earlier, there were one or two platforms on which you can try your hand in different games, but not anymore. Now, you have XBOX, Playstation, Computers, Mobile and the list in infinite on which you can test these games. Like platforms, games are also environment specific, which provide the ease to their users. Minecraft also follow in this category, but this game has tested each platform, either its XBOX, Playstation or mobile. This is game is no doubt, one of the great games of all times, and now you can also enjoy this game on your PC too. No, I am not exaggerating. It is true that now this android game can be played on your computer too. In this section, I am going to show you how you can Download Minecraft for PC.Minecraft for PCBefore that, let’s go through its features first. I know as you have played the game before on other platforms, you might be well aware of its features. But, for those who are new to this game and just listened its name, and never played it once, I am listing down some of the salient features of the game.

Features of Minecraft:

This game as its name suggests, is about something to build and the whole game play revolves around this basic parameter. This game is generally liked by those players who like to be innovative and love strategy games. In Minecraft, you have to construct a village or call it a residency using tetra blocks in the 3D world. What then? After that, all you need to do is protect the kingdom from hostile mobs and co-players.

Online Multiplayer Game

It is a multiplayer online game in which millions of players can play at a time. This feature makes the game so competitive and challenging, which makes players so addicted to this game sometimes they forget to eat, sleep and even blink their eyes. The 3D interface and the interactive multi-player mode take all the credit for making such conditions for the players.

Real Life Resemblance

Minecraft resembles so much with the real life that it’s like living in another world. You might have heard of the game The Sims in which players live another life in the game play. Same is the case with Minecraft but here you have to be aggressive and patient at the same time. Find the resources, give wings to your imagination and protect your area from intruders, that’s the bottom line of the game.

Different Modes

The game has three basic modes and you can choose among these three according to your capability. The Creative mode is for novices, Survival mode and Adventure mode is for pros. Remember, with each advanced mode, difficulty of gameplay increases as well. You will be pushed from building level to survival level.

As I have covered all the basic sections that should be there in the features of the game, now let’s move forward to the downloading part. Follow each step as listed and you will face no problem while installing the game on your PC.

How to Download Minecraft for PC

Installing Bluestack on your computer is the first step that you should follow because without this Android Emulator the game will not be able to run on the Windows on your PC. You can download Bluestack from this link: Download Bluestacks.

Here is one more thing you have to take care of, and that is your system requirements. It is advised to all the users to install .net Framework (Service Pack 2), before you start the installing process of the software.

Once you have downloaded the Bluestack, install it. After that, type Minecraft in the search box on the top right side of the screen. Download the game and install it on your PC. Once all is done, click on the finish button, and you are ready to go with the game. It is so easy to download minecraft for PC.

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In case you feel any problem while installing the game or have any doubts, please leave your comments in the section below.

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