5 Ways Text Promotions Benefit Businesses

Promoting your business by text is an easy and cost-effective way to get your marketing messages directly into the hands of your targeted audience. It allows you to leverage the relationships you’ve already built and incite conversions where you’re still fostering trust. Also known as SMS promotions, these efforts can benefit your company and your bottom line in a variety of ways. Following are five of them.5 Ways Text Promotions Benefit Businesses

1. Remind Your Customers That You’re Out There

There’s no quicker way to reach a massive audience with both minimal effort and minimal spending than with SMS promotions. Not all of your loyal customers will remember to check back in. Promotional text messages provide the opportunity to quickly inform subscribers of upcoming deals, current sales, and important service or terms of service changes. Best of all, your subscribers can opt-in or opt out at any time and with ease.

Promotional reminders sent via SMS are also a great way to get a competitive edge ahead of traditionally busy seasons. While your competitors are busy sending out brochures and fliers, publishing posts on social media, and crafting long-winded articles, you can be putting clear, concise calls to action right into buyers’ hands.

2. Offload Stagnant Inventory

For some businesses, promotional texts make it possible to avoid waste and turn overstock into extra cash. For instance, if yours is a company that sells perishable goods, and if you aren’t getting enough foot traffic to offload your soon-to-expire inventory, you can use promotional texts to send out “Today Only!” messages that instantly incite buyer urgency.

Even non-perishable items can hurt your pocket if they don’t move. Whether you’re ready to free up storage space, make room for new inventory, or simply increase your sales, you can leverage SMS to incite buyer urgency as well.

There are definite secondary benefits to this type of SMS promotion, and there are multiple ways to alter it to enhance its benefits. For instance, sending out a text message blast about an especially deep discount is guaranteed to incite good word-of-mouth advertising. However, you can up the effectiveness of your campaign by giving recipients the opportunity to share your message for additional discounts or bring a friend.

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3. Increase Customer Engagement With Short Code

Also known as broadcast text messaging, using a shortcode in SMS entails sending your customers or prospects a short, five or six-digit code to opt into texts about specific offers, products, or updates among other things. Shortcode makes it possible to streamline and refine your outreach so that targeted messages are getting to key demographics, and to people who’ve specifically requested to see them. Shortcode builds consumer confidence by giving people more control over what they do and do not see. It also fosters higher levels of engagement.

4. Enhance the Efficacy of Your Other Marketing Campaigns

Abandoned cart marketing yields some of the highest returns among all other marketing types. Part of a larger marketing method known as remarketing involves getting back in touch with consumers who’ve already loaded up their carts but haven’t yet paid. It’s also an opportunity to promote your latest deals. After all, many consumers with abandoned carts need only the slightest incentive to complete their conversions.

The majority of abandoned cart marketing is done by email. Unfortunately, a large number of emails sent out aren’t opened. With automated SMS, you can streamline your abandoned cart marketing campaigns to only submit texts to customers or prospective customers who haven’t engaged with the related emails. In fact, this is true across all of your email marketing efforts. Rather than sending the same message to everyone twice, albeit, via two different mediums, you can repeat messages specifically to those who haven’t yet heard them.

SMS makes it easy to integrate your marketing campaigns across all mediums, and while avoiding annoying redundancies. With database portability, every campaign that you implement can be instantly informed by the actions of and responses to all others.

5. Cut Your Marketing Costs

Texting offers an affordable way to keep in touch with, update, and engage with your targeted market. In fact, with the right tools, texting is just as time-efficient as it is cost-effective. This means that even small businesses with relatively nominal marketing budgets can meet their marketing goals and still have time and energy to devote to their core functions.

Text promotions put important marketing messages directly in front of the consumers who need and want to see them. At a reasonable cost, you can reach massive numbers of people with targeted, time-sensitive details. Moreover, with short code, you can empower your contacts to opt-out at their choosing, and build confidence and trust along the way.

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