How To Run Android apps on Windows And Mac PC

If you want to run android apps on Windows and Mac PC, this post is for you. We all know android is world’s most popular mobile OS which offers thousands of great features to its users. Android smartphone owners can easily download and run their favorite apps and games instantly from Google Play Store. But now with the help of an app, you can run any android app on your Windows and Mac PC. The process is pretty simple. Run Android apps on WindowsThe apps which help to run android apps on Windows and Mac PC are called android emulators. There are hundreds of such apps available in the market. Among all of them only a few of them are good. One of them is BlueStacks. It is the fastest android emulator for Windows and Mac PC. And BlueStacks runs on nearly any Windows 7, 8 or 10. Bluestacks has already crossed more than 130 million downloads so far. I suggest that everyone should use only BlueStacks to run android apps on their Windows, Mac PC or laptop.

Key Features Of BlueStacks

  • The app comes with a simple and easy user interface.
  • BlueStacks allows its users to run multiple android apps at the same time.
  • BlueStacks home screen features many apps and games, making easier for users to find useful apps.
  • The app is available for free download.
  • Another important feature of BlueStacks is key mapping.

I am sure after reading the key features of the app, you are much excited to get the app on your desktop or laptop. Making use of BlueStacks is so easy. For that, you need to follow the simple steps mentioned below. After downloading the app, login to the Google Play Store from your Windows or Mac PC and run android apps on a much bigger screen.

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How To Download BlueStacks For Windows And Mac

1. Click Here to get BlueStacks for Windows. Mac users can Click Here to get the app.

2. Once the file gets downloaded, install it by double clicking.

3. Installation process will take few minutes. When completed open BlueStacks by clicking on the file.

Thats all. Now you can run any android app on your Windows or Mac PC. You can find your favorite app by clicking on the search button located on the homepage of BluStacks. Now install and run the app or game as you do on your android smartphone. Hope you find the tutorial helpful. Thanks for reading.

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