5 Best Live Wallpaper For Android Mobile Phone

best live wallpaper for androidAre you looking for some great, interesting, amazing and best wallpaper for your Android mobile phone? We have sorted out some best android live wall paper for your android device. So, it is the time to choose the best live wallpaper for android device.

1.Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper

I have been using this live wall paper for last two months.Covert your android phone into a aquarium by installing this amazing live wallpaper. Click Here to download this wallpaper.

2.Buggies! Live Wallpaper

Another most popular live wallpaper for android users.This simple looking live wallpaper has crossed many thousands downloads within a few months.Click Here to download Buggies! Live Wallpaper.

3.Celtic Garden live wallpaper

Celtic Garden live wallpaper features a verdant animated Irish forest with a charming fountain in the center.It also includes other features like animated water, shamrocks, cascading sunlight etc.Click Here to download Celtic Garden live wallpaper.

4.WP Clock Light

WP Clock Light is one of the most popular clock based live wallpaper.Apart from date and time it also displays Network SSID and battery status of your android device.Click here to download WP clock light.

5.Twitter Live Wallpaper

The Twitter Live Wallpaper displays tweets, in real time, on your phone’s background.If you install this live wallpaper on your android device you need not to open the Twitter app or another Twitter client app to see the tweets from your contacts.

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