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top iphone appsIn today’s modern technical world, introduction of smart phones has changed the way to people’s thinking. iPhone seems to be a mobile for communication, business, and entertainment as well. This uprising phone with its advanced functionality, exhilarating features and responsive interface has increased the level of mobile industry into an unbelievable height. The development of iPhone apps has become innovative and thriving with new creations coming up these days.

The apps of iPhone are classified into audio, browsers, drawing, finance, games, health and fitness, movies, navigation, others, photography, productivity, reading, social, and travel apps.

As the free apps are downloaded more often compared to the paid, the top ten all-time free applications of iPhone are

1. Facebook– You can take a look on your Facebook profile and hangout with your friends extremely free.

2. Pandora– Inform Pandora to which type of music you are interested and it will soon produce a streaming radio station personalized exactly to your taste.

3. Google Mobile Apps– With the help of this application, you can access your Google maps, email and calendar by one-touch.

4. Shazam– Shazam is something like a genuine magic which you will hardly get in a handset. If you are out and music is playing and all of a sudden you can’t recognize the song. If you hold the phone for Shazam to listen, it will help you with list charts of the album.

5. Movies by Flixster– This free application helps you to get show times on movies while you are elsewhere and about to go to someplace, read reviews and watch trailers.

6. Weather Channel– Before going to somewhere keep an eye on the weather channel to check out weather.

7. Google Earth– You can browse the overall surface of the earth through Google Earth. It comprises satellite photos of a sphere to form a model of Earth.

8. Bump trades– Through this Bump trades application, you can provide your contact information to others via Bluetooth by bumping your phone to the else’s.

9. Skype– You can make international calls or perform text-based chat with the people living overseas.

10. Paper Toss– Paper Toss is a gaming application where you have to throw paper in the garbage can. It is one of the admired games in iPhone.

Though there is a ferocious rivalry among the mobile companies, iPhone rules at the top of the world when it comes to application. With several other smartphones in the market, iPhone keeps it hand untied towards the sky.


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