Girls! Don’t Only Aspire To Be Doctors In Life

Your first day on this earth might have been filled with wonder, amazement, fear or a feeling that you can’t define. While the preference of boy child still exists in most households of rural India, a different concern occurs in the minds of urban India if a girl is born. It’s the typical ‘if it’s a boy then he will grow up to be an engineer & if it’s a girl then doctor’ mentality. They think that any other career choice will not provide them with the same opportunities & success in their lives. Let’s take the girls side for instance, do you know how difficult it is to get an MBBS seat in any college or university through counselling.Aspire To Be Doctors In Life

Unreasonable 95% plus cutoffs exist where the competition is crazy else a seat in the management quota can amount even crores for top colleges. Earlier the various states had their own control to these seats thereby various forms of malpractices & preferences were given leading to unfair advantages to the wrongly deserved candidates. The unifying of medical admissions by a single university & a common entrance test has proved to be a mild solution though unrest in various states over its counselling does exist. Take the instance of Tamil Nadu where the government wants to do counselling to its students without NEET based on their 12th scores.

We all know that a theory exam with descriptive questions have no means of analyzing a student’s right aptitude. That’s not all, the emphasis given to the 12th public exam in TN is so much that the portions of the 11th are usually skipped & preparations for the 12th begins at 11th itself. There are some institutes who believe that even the NEET exam is not enough so for those who qualify the NEET cutoff are then made to attend their own entrance exams thereby screen the students even more rigorously.

The best example being the Bitsat for one of the most prestigious institutes in the country to study medicine. The cutoffs are so close that candidates miss seats not just by points after their decimals but even due to the first letter in their first names. So if you see many newborns sporting names with multiples A’s don’t be surprised. Every parent is so paranoid of their child’s future that every decision made in their upbringing is now organised & planned. There is no scope for anyone to risk & discover their true talents as pre conceived facts & mentalities are enforced on the innocent children of our nation.

Everyone needs to come out of the bubble they are made to create around themselves. Especially women whose every step is literally choreographed rather than lived. The real fact is that there are so many professions with very less penetration by the fairer sex. Be it IIT’s or the parliament to the armed forces, their numbers are less than a fair share. Here is a profession that can change their fate, LAW. From the father of our nation to the highest paid lawyer in India, Jeethmalani we don’t see them. So for all those enforced women who need to stand up & fight for their rights, Why not consider it? The AP LAWCET is the platform where those who wanted to start their careers in the field of law can apply.

JEE Mains maybe the focus of the state of AP but we all know that it has never had the fair share of women. LAW can be the profession that can be what parents will aim every girl child to be.

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