iPad 3 to Arrive Last quater of 2011

ipad 3There is a rumour that Apple will launch the iPad 3 in the fourth quarter of 2011 and it will come with lots of new features.This next generation tablet from Apple could have a 3D screen.

iPad 2 was released only in April 2011, which was only 2 months ago and this new rumour brings lots of excitement amongs apple lovers.Unfortunately no one can confirm any of these details.iPad 3 will have a 9.7 inch LCD display with five or six times higher resolution than that of the iPad 2.Another source states that iPad 3 will have LED Backlight Technology.

As iPad 2 is just released, there is a big question of why a rumor of the third generation of ipad is already in site.This rumor can affect the selling strategy of ipad 2.Because woho are planning to buy iPad 2 in coming months can wait for the 3rd generation of the iPad.If really ipad 3 will launch at the end of this year or at first quater of next year then like other Apple products it will reflect in the qulity and appearance with style.

All the rumors are leaked from the FoxConn factory in China, where many Apple products are manufactured.

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