Top 10 Best Firefox Add-Ons For Blogger

best firefox add-ons for bloggerFirefox has been a very popular browser among bloggers. The main reasons of its popularity is its  customizability, features and handy add-ons. Today we have collected 10 best Firefox add-ons for blogger to increase their productivity and speed.

Best Firefox Add-Ons For Blogger

Search Status

This is one of the most popular Firefox add-on among bloggers. I have been using extension for last three years. Using this cool extension a blogger can check all major rankings such as Google PageRank, Alexa rank, Compete ranking, mozRank etc. Along with this it also has fast keyword density analyzer, link report analyzer and also highlight nofollow links.


Another amazing and best Firefox add-ons for blogger. It comes with a unique feature called “eye dropper” which help bloggers to find out the color code of any selection. It also has features to choose colors from color picker. Users can also zoom a page and can measure distances between any two points on any page.

After The Deadline

This useful Firefox add-on help bloggers to find spelling and grammar errors on any post. Users can activate the proofreading feature just by pressing the F4 key and it immediately highlights possible errors and also provides suggestions.


This is a superb free Firefox add-ons for taking Screenshot of web pages with lots of options like capture whole page, capture selected area and capture only visible area. So, if you are a blogger like me, you must download this awesome add-on to capture any web page.


Formerly it was known as Read It Later. When you find something interesting on the internet that you want to view later, just put it in Pocket and read whenever you want. It also have the option of synchronize the bookmarks with other devices.


As a blogger often you need to write down some important stuff during surfing on the net. It is not always easy to switch between notepad and webpage. QuickNote comes handy in that case. This tool helps user to take notes while surfing without leaving the current web page.


Very useful tool for bloggers, web designers and developers. This add-on gives users the exact height and width of anything on a Web page.This is one of my favorite Firefox add-on.


Fireflix helps bloggers to find images for their blog post. The sidebar add-on lets you quickly find and upload images from Flickr without leaving the page you are on. So, If you use Flickr to find images for your blog posts then Fireflix is for you.


SeoQuake comes with a bar which is almost similar to that of SearchStatus plugin which shows the various rankings like Page Rank, Alexa  and many more.


One of the most powerful and useful tool that Firefox could have. If you are a blogger or a web designer then you must download this add-on on your Firefox browser. FireBug breaks up the source code of any web page into Html, CSS and scripts, which can be easily edited and used for web designing.

If you are a blogger, webmaster or a designer, using any other Firefox add-ons which you found useful then please share it through our comment section. Thanks for reading.

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