Features of Much Awaited iOS 8

There’s big news for Apple users this year as Apple has something big in store for its customers as always. CEO Tim Cook himself has disclosed that the company is going to update its products and bring out new ones.

ios 8This article highlights the latest update and a sneak-peek into Apple’s upcoming operating system for I-phone, ipad etc. The release date of iOS 8 is still under wraps but as per the tradition followed by the company it’s most likely to be released during their worldwide Developer’s conference, which is conventionally held during the month of June. With Apple’s iOS updates the whole software industry is speculating a huge impact on the I-phone 6.

There’s a lot of buzz in the market about the features of this OS. A lot of rumors are spreading about the features introduced. Read on to find about the latest updates and features.

iOS 8 an evolution: features-

Apple proposes to launch a new health application. This health app will be codenamed as “healthbook”. There are rumors that this app is most likely to work with the apple’s iwatch. From what we have heard, this app will keep track of the calories burned, the steps taken, will monitor your blood pressure and more. This report is supported by the evidence viz. that Apple’s officials have been conducting meetings with FDA and have hired several people from the healthcare industry.

The new features also include improved maps with trip planning and refurbished photo-streams.

There are several other changes which we would like to see in the iOS 8 as given below:

Firstly, the weakest component of iOS is app to app communication i.e. if we accidentally enter into another app while using some other app; we usually can’t get back even after performing the required action. We hope that iOS 8 comes up with better and stronger inter-app communications.

Also, we would like them to address the problem of deleting each app entry individually as faced in iOS 7. It would be better if all the past notifications can be deleted at once.

Next, there should be a quick way to unsubscribe ourselves from all notifications that we’ve accidentally signed up for without escaping the notification box.

People are anticipating that there will surely be some new features in Siri, the voice-activated virtual assistant. Apart from a male voice which is currently available, Apple might also introduce a female voice before launching iOS 8.

Additionally, they should provide a facility to add extra accounts to iPad and iPhones so that each member can have their own personalized iOS account. This will enable parents to have some control over their young children.

There are some more features that we would all like to see in iOS 8, but we should not expect an entirely different iOS with totally different features. iOS 8 will just be a renovated version of iOS 7. All we can do now is to wait and watch and hope that the rumors turn out to be true.

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