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ms office timelineAlthough, you might be using MS PowerPoint for years together but it is indeed a herculean task to create a project timeline creator. Needless to say, that timeline is quite complex especially as you create it. However, it has immense utility and it is considered to be a powerful PowerPoint add-in that give you the luxury of creating visually appealing project timeliness within few minutes. Great, isn’t it?

The method to download

For downloading the free add-in you need to go to the downloaded link and you will be directed to the downloaded page where you have to be careful in selecting the correct Power Point Version 2007 or 2010) and operating system (Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7).

In order to install the add-in, you are required to launch the setup file by following the instructions and be sure that MS PowerPoint is closed prior to installation process. Later on, launch it, in order to start creating your timeline with Office Timeline Tab. The tab adds up in an automatic way with the closure of installation wizard. If you want to create a new Timeline, then you are required to click on New button.

It will begin the launch of a wizard that is going to instantly create a project timeline. It is important for you to select the appropriate format in its first step and there are available styles in the form of Standard, Intervals, and Gantt etc.

Next step

In the next step, you will be entering milestones. You can change milestone colors as well as add milestone titles. It is done in order to make the timeline quite charismatic and appealing. Hence, it turns out to be quite easy and effective to be understood too.

Thereafter, as the milestones are entered, you are supposed to add the intervals. By clicking the “Shape option”, if you want to chance the shape of each interval, you can do the same especially when you are in the process of adding intervals. In order to create the timeline, click “Finish”.

On completion of Timeline, you can further edit by adding tables as well as altering the interval or milestones. You also have the facility of using Bolt-Ons option in order to tweet the look of your timeline. On completion of your timeline, you can equally edit it by adding tables.

Do you want to know the way to use this add-in? if yes, then go to About drop down menu which is there within the Office Timeline Tab. Here, you also have the luxury of opening video tutorials in your default browser in case you want to understand things in a sophisticated and detailed way again.

Office Timeline besides being a free PowerPoint add-in is equally synonymous with great features in the paid version. You just need to shell $9.99 in order to buy the paid version. If in case you are looking to purchase the Office Timeline Corporate license, then it can be done by spending $4.99-$9.99 per license. Needless to say, that the paid version is synonymous with comparably enhanced and sophisticated options along with additional features. Hence, get the best features, since you deserve the same as well.


This Guest post is contributed by Sai Krishna from Slash Services, A Passionate niche blogger who working at Office Timeline, It’s a timeline generator and very helpful for office purpose. It supports with latest version of power point.

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