4 Must Have Blogging Apps on Your Smartphone

must have blogging appsNow a days lots of applications are available for mobile blogging and all these apps make blogging easy.Today I would like to share a list of few popular blogging apps for your smart phone.

1. WordPress:- WordPress mobile app help you to update your blog from any location just from your mobile.You can create new page, edit post, update from a device with the help of this app.

2. Pingdom:-This app detect any error encountered by a site and send a alert message to the administrator.So,if your site is down for any reason, you can check it quickly.

3.iBlogger:- This is a great app specially created for blogging on an iPhone.This is an independent app works with all types of blogging platforms, such as wordpress, Typad, Drupal etc.

4.Cinchcast:- This is a great app to create and distribute audio podcasts.Audio content can be created and distributed to your blog using any phone or mobile device via an embedded player.Post can also be shared with social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc.

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