Top 6 Websites To Download Full Movies Absolutely Free

You don’t need to buy a CD player to watch movies on your big screen. Gone are those days when we use to buy a CD to watch movies on our CD player. Nowadays it is very easy to download full movies on your PC and smartphone and watch them on your Television screen.Download Full MoviesThere are a few websites available on the internet that provide you with unlimited free movies to download. You can watch all types of movies depending on your preferences. For example, if you are a fan of horror, you can search on sites such as to see the latest releases and popular horror movies. You can then download these from streaming sites on your mobile phone or computer to watch. Let’s see the top 5 websites for your convenience:-

  • is a website that enables you to download movies, games and tv shows for free. It works on smartphones as well as on computers. Movie genres available are – Hollywood and bollywood movies, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, Swedish. It also gives you different movies like Thriller, action, Horror, comedy, Animated, romantic and many more. allows you to download online games to play offline. It gives you new updates and notification of any changes made.


MovieWatcher provides you with a collection of thousands of movies, tv shows, videos and game in one place. Users can watch unlimited movies for free, play amazing games. With attractive and simple to use user interface, it is made one of the best movie watcher website till now. MovieWatcher gives you a number of movie genres like – Action, drama, comedy, biography, romantic, thriller, Family, Fantasy, Reality – tv, news and much more.

  • Fmovies

Fmovies is a unique website where users can download and watch movies for free. There are different movies available of various countries like Hollywood, Bollywood, Japanese and chinese. The genres available are thriller, Drama, romance, Biography, Animated, comedy and many more. You can choose the correct country for yourself and search for infinite movies and tv shows for free.

  • is yet another website that not only allows you to download movies online, it also enables you to watch them online. Users can very easily search for tv shows, movies, videos and games online. It provides you with direct links that can give high picture quality. The genres available for its users are – Thriller, fantasy, drama, comedy, romance, serious, suspense, action and many more. For that matter, also provide you with Articles gining news on latest, movies, games and tv shows as well as informing people about health problems related to watching movies, we are sure you can totally connect to this!

  • is an excellent movie downloader that allows you to watch and at the same time download movies, tv shows, games for free. Its user interface has made so simple that you can easily find latest movies, tv shows, games, popular movies to watch etc. There are different movies from different countries. Therefore, people can watch movies from across the countries.

  • is a free movie downloader. Works amazingly well for movie lovers. Users don’t need any registration for downloading or watching movies online. You can search for new movies by their keywords, genres, release date or actors. It makes your work very easy and simple. Genres of movies available are crime, comedy, adult, thriller, drama, fantasy etc. You can always try downloading one movie and see its features in one go.

Bonus Method

If you want to download full movies on your smartphone then you can use apps such as Showbox, Cinemabox and Popcorn time as well.


These websites work according to your computer or phone operating system. They do download movies and tv shows for free for you, and that is amazing to use. You all should try once!

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