7 Essential tips in choosing an android phone

choosing an android phoneThe Android phones that are there in the market are full of different exciting features. You can try to buy one with these features but you will need some guidance on the essential features and it would be best to buy one after discussing them.

The Screen Resolution must be high

The most important thing for an Android phone is the screen resolution and as you would be looking into the screen to work and so it must give you all comfort and be of at least 800 x 480 in resolution and WVGA. The screen resolution of the phone is needed for quality video and it is also needed while you need to read books and documents online.

Carrier for the Phone

The carriers for the phone is important for there are different zones for different carriers that are considered to be dead spot and so you need to find a good carrier that has less dead zones and you can work comfortably with your phone. The work place and your home must not be a dead spot for the carrier that you choose for your phone.

Camera Gives the Look Through

There are generally two cameras for the Android phones and you need to find phones that has good resolution and at least of 3 megapixel and maximum of 8 megapixel for them. The camera quality will show you the video quality and the images quality for your records. You will have to find the resolution and the power of the camera to be able to get quality photo and video for different occasions which are most important activities for an Android.

4G service is faster and safer to use

The high speed network of 4G will give you a speed that is fastest till now and Android phones need to work better for you in this network. You must check if it is compatible with the 4G network. The phones with 3 G often can be upgraded to 4 G and so it is a good idea if you check it beforehand for you may change the network in future.

Software that works best with these Devices

The Android phones need to have compatible software for the current applications and games and they must be compatible for upgrade to the next operating system without changing the phone. The software for different activities like the email or movie making are basic things that you would prefer to work with and share with other phones. The software must be such that you may be able to open it from other phones too.

Design and Manufacturers must be good

The design and the manufacturer must be checked before buying an Android phone for the body of the handset needs to be strong and the manufacturer will have proper warranty for your phone and they will honor the warranty and take care of the phone if any issues come up. The design must be sleek and the body hardy so that it can be used while you are in the move.
These are a few features that are essential and you need to take a look at them while you are buying an Android phone.

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