JD Logistics at the Helm of China Logistics

JD Logistics is placing China Logistics in a great place internationally, considering it is the first-ever company in the sector currently leveraging European Pallet Association to sell their shipping pallets. This partnership involving EPAL and JD logistics allows for the pallets to be distributed all over China through the company’s cloud box. JD logistics developed the JD cloud box as a transaction platform for logistics. It is also meant to provide leasing and repair services for real-time information, not forgetting all transactions linked to EPAL pallets throughout China. The expected result is that this move will assist with both manufacturing and circulation of the pallets.JD logisticsEPAL, one of the pallet industry leaders, is a renowned pooling system for logistic carriers. It was established back in 1991 and has been in charge of the worldwide EPAL quality load carriers. This body issues licenses that allow carriers to access repairs and other related quality services regardless of their location in the world. There are over 1500 licenses issued for these services across more than 300 countries of the world.

With the new partnership, EPAL makes sure that JD logistics helps make the Chinese logistics industry closer to the global space. Currently, many transporters will get the much-needed high-quality pallets anywhere in China, enhancing the China logistics industry significantly. This ensures a large number of China companies can access quality pallets, thus boosting the overall performance of china logistics in general. With the new partnership between JD and EPAL, standards are also set relatively high, ensuring that people enjoy better services.

JD is the perfect partner to help grow the domestic pallet market in China, explaining why it was EPAL’s best choice when entering China. People in the industry need to have continuous access to high-quality pallets to survive the logistics ecosystem. Both partners believe that they are best suited to supply China’s logistic needs when they come together. With EPAL’s record of quality and JD’s excellent reputation worldwide, Chinese people can access the best services without worrying about the quality. It is not convenient for clients across China to access the best pallets without worrying about quality. With the new partnership, China’s logistic industry should expect a lot of changes in the industry.

About Richard Liu

Most of the achievements made by JD Logistics are attributed to the founder and director of the company, Richard Liu, aka Liu Qiangdong. The Chinese entrepreneur tried his hand on numerous ventures before settling on his logistic business that blew up to what it is today. He is currently the head of the leading Chinese retailing company, not to mention that his establishment has partnered with many other international brands to serve China’s people in different sectors. His recent contribution has been the partnership with the pallet supply company EPAL, a renowned and celebrated brand globally.

Liu started freelancing and doing a lot of computer programming during his college years. Upon graduation, he joined the workforce in Japan, working for an online large scale food and health goods company. He worked as the director of computers in the company and slowly grew into th3 entrepreneur he is today. He later ventured out on his own, starting a brick and mortar store Jingdong selling optical products. His store expanded to 12 stores, but soon SARs threatened his business’s survival. This pushed him to think about a solution that would not be affected by such an issue, again prompting the online outfit JD formation. JD has grown into a phenomenal company that serves a lot of people excellently because of its organization and management.

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