The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – Brought by Changes in Technology

changes in technologyTechnology has made our life easier and better. It changed the way we do things.  All fast paced and on-the-go. There is no stopping us. We can practically do anything anywhere within our reach. Changes in technology had been beneficial in almost all aspects of our lives and it is still changing.  There really is nothing constant but change.


How did changes in technology help us? Technology helped in production of finished products that used to take days to make. Mass produced products had been readily available in the market within hours all over the world. Industry incomes increased as the production were more efficient from the same amount of raw materials. The economy benefited as well. Financial gains from enterprises are money for the government.

Technology made it easy and safe for workers to handle hazardous and dangerous jobs. Technology took the communication to the next level. We can communicate with anyone from around the world at touch of a button through the internet and cellular phones.

But what exactly did changes in technology do to us?

  • The Good:
    • In the Washington Post, changes in technology transformed the education system. Their statistic states that 70,000 students just access their class online thru the nearest internet-enabled gadget they have. If it’s an iPhone or an iPad, they are probably not going to leave their beds. They can enroll through the school online, interact with their classmates through email and chatrooms, listen to their teacher’s lecture via podcast, participate in online discussion with their teacher on a virtual classroom, submit their assignments, access their examination, and get their grades, all online.
    • Education is not limited anymore with distance, neither does finance. Since the class is online, it eliminated the need for classrooms and other infrastructures, resulting to fewer expenses for schools. They can accept as many enrollees as they can manage by customizing the schedule. If the students get stuck, the teachers will assist them online or just record the lectures they have made.
  • The Bad:
    • Changes in technology made room for new developments making a one-year old technology obsolete. Innovators, businessmen and scientist continually need to come up of new ideas or upgrades and updates of an old technology to consider a new technology.
    • Studies show that being in computer for an hour changes something in our brain – cognitive skills – that somehow changed the way we think. We have become faster, more upbeat, and multi-tasker. Unfortunately, we have become more dependent on technology that we could not function anymore without our gadgets, our computers, laptops, etc.
  • The Ugly:
    • Technology also changed parents’ approach to their children. Since children are more computer-oriented, they spent most of their time online. They cannot monitor anymore their children’s activities. Parents think that since it is online, it is not going to harm their children. Evidence says otherwise. A student, spending much of his time playing violent online games, went to a killing spree with a friend in their school and killed themselves in the process. It happened several times.
    • Stalkers and suspected sex predators lurk in social networking sites, looking for potential victims. Since information in the internet is all within reach and free, it is not surprising if a prey seeks and gets his victims.
    • Psychologists would confirm that we have all the means of communication yet we are not connected. Families are more apart than ever. Relationships are come and go, and never settle.

In summary:

There are a lot of things that changes in technology brought that we misused. In the end, we all have to control the technology we have. Technology is there to help us, to make our lives comfortable and make us efficient workers. If we lose sight of that purpose, technology will take over us.

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