39+ Important Affiliate Abbreviations You Should Know

important affiliate abbreviationsWelcome back to TechNied.com.Are you new to affiliate marketing marketing?If your answer is yes then this is the post for you.Today we are sharing some important affiliate abbreviations you should know before starting affiliate marketing.We are planning to publish a few posts to help newbie affiliate marketers.So, stay tune to learn newbie friendly affiliate marketing tips.

List of Important Affiliate abbreviations

Ad –> advertisement

ASP–> Application Service Provider

APM–> Affiliate Program Management

CJ –> Commission Junction

CPA –> Cost per Action

CPC –> Cost per Click

CPL –> Cost per Lead

CPM –> Cost per (Mil) Impression (1000 Impressions)

CPS –> Cost per Sale

CR  –> Conversion Rate

CSS –> Cascading Style Sheets

CTR –> Click through rate

DH  –> Direct Hit

DRM –> Dynamic Rich Media (type of Ad, technology)

DRM –> Digital Rights Management

EPC –> Earnings per Click / Earnings per 100 Clicks

FAQ –> Frequently Asked Questions

FFA –> Free-For-All Link List

MFA –> Made For AdSense (Site)

OPM –> Outsourced (Affiliate) Program Management

PFI –> Pay For Inclusion

PID –> Publisher ID

PFP –> Pay For Performance

PPA –> Pay per Action

PPC –> Pay per Click

PPI –> Pay Per Impression

PPL –> Pay Per Lead

PPS –> Pay Per Sale

PV  –> Page View

ROI –> Return on Investment

RON –> Run Of Network

ROS –> Run of Site

SEM –> Search Engine Marketing

SEO –> Search Engine Optimization

SEP –> Search Engine Positioning

SERP–> Search Engine Result Page

SMO –> Social Media Optimization

SSI –> Server Side Include

USP –> Unique Selling Propos

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