TINY OWL is the Best Way to Order Delicious Food

One night you get home and you are so much tired to cook food, it is so common for anyone who is working person. And sometimes it can also be seen with many of them that they have no nearby restaurants to dine in. There is no other worst thing that ever happened with anyone. In this case you imagine the world where you could not have to do anything and you get what you want to eat. That world is here at Tiny Owl. You can download this online food order app from the Google Play Store and have the pleasure of dining the best food of the finest restaurant of your city.Tiny OwlYou need not to take worries because you are just a tap away from the best mouthwatering delicacies. It is the best and resourceful app for any food lover. It provides various options to feed the people. They have the compilation of over 1000s of menus from one of the finest restaurant of the vicinity which provides the handful of options to anybody that is hungry. Crave for food ends here at this beautifully designed app that is awesome in itself. They provide their catering services in five cities of India that are Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon. With multiple options of various cuisines like Italian, Indian, Continental, Chinese, Thai and many more it also serves beverages, starters, main course, desserts, snacks, breakfast and sweets.

The experience of online food order become easy with this app with their fabulous options in food and other services they provide. They are the best among all the apps present in the market these days because of everything they do very astoundingly. This all made me the regular user of the application. Let’s have the view over what are their services:

  • USER INTERFACE- This app is very easy and simple to use, you just have to select the city followed by the area and then you will get the list of the restaurant that provides the service in the area with just a small description of the restaurant. This can help you to choose the restaurant about which you have made the mind to dine in. After choosing the particular restaurant you can get the broader menu options of what they serve such as kebabs, noodles, soups, main course, vegetarian, etc. As soon as you have made your order you can order the food by just completing the simple payment options. You can also easily remove or add any stuff you want by just one click.
  • UPDATE FREQUENCY- These types of app needs regular updates to remain in the popularity. We have seen many apps that have fallen down after reaching the great popularity just because of not proper updates. If they are not regularly updated it makes the deals old and out dated.
  • VERDICT- It is a great concept of making order and gets delivery of food through online. This app keeps updating the list of the services and menus they serve with regular deals as well as offers. However currently the coverage of the app is limited to five cities only and this thing is something that needs to be improved as people travels a lot and they need to order food when visiting any place. But overall this app is a great app with simple and convenient processes to order food. It also does not charges any extra cost but in fact offers discounts too.


TinyOwl app made the online food order easy and convenient. With varied options this app serves their customers very well and provides the amazing experience. I would rate these 4.5 out of 5.

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