Why Do Girls Choose Rich Guys?

The question that disturbs many guys, ” Why do girls like rich guys?” You can take offense at women, who want to date rich guys, to consider them mercantile and greedy, to think that they do not need anything besides money, but this is far from the case. Yes, there are girls who have only one thought in their heads, “Money!” and they are ready for any action to get it. Nonetheless, talking about most girls, who say that they do not care where and how you live, and that love doesn’t mind a poor hut if there is a loving heart, that’s not entirely true.

Why do women like rich guys? You are sitting in your parents’ kitchen, being so handsome, creative, not like everyone else, and waiting when your mother cooks a dinner. You do not understand why these “mercantile women” don’t go for your qualities and constantly remind you of your financial insolvency. You will hardly find out anything new, but, maybe, the following points make you finally realize why girls like rich guys and what you should do.Why girls choose rich guys

How Is Everything in Nature?

Let’s start with the simplest, namely the animal world. A successful male is one who brings prey, protects its flock from enemies and in general, does everything to protect its female and offspring from the outside world. How do females determine that the male is successful? Firstly, by its color, mane, that is, by general features. Secondly, by its behavior. The alpha male behaves boldly as if it is on its way to the goal. Thirdly, by physical strength. A weak male is a dead male. And now, replace the mane and tail with a good suit, some human pheromones to attract you to them further, physical strength with intellect, and wealth, you will get a typical successful man, who attracts many women.

What About Fairy Tales?

Girls like stories with the happy end. In such fairy tales, a rich man find a woman online, most often royal one, acts as a protector, patron, reliable character who will save from any trouble and provide a long happy life. A modern version is the famous movie “Pretty Woman.” Well, the newest fairy tale on this subject is “50 Shades of Gray”. After watching such movies, most girls start thinking that this is the whole essence of the universe and knowingly fly like fireflies to the fire.

Confidence in the future.

Why do girls like rich guys? A rich man is not only about a lot of money.  Wealthy is an indicator of a single-minded person. A wealthy man moves forward, going over other people’s heads, making a career, becoming famous. The girl is sure that in the future, everything will be at least the same as now or even better. And now think about everything logically. Whom should she choose, a man who makes her feel like a princess or someone who constantly complains about the whole world? The same applies to offspring. Despite the fact that nowadays, many people decide to be childfree, some girls cannot imagine their lives without children. And since children are considered to be the main in the family, all resources are spent on their well-being. First of all, an ordinary girl is looking for a man who will provide a comfortable life for their children.

The Impetus For Development.

Although the sexual revolution happened almost fifty years ago, many women look for rich men only from the positions described above, namely from the position of confidence in the future. However, many modern girls are attracted to wealthy men for other reasons, for example, common interests or mentoring. Being next to a successful man, a girl gets an impetus for development and can reach the same heights. Talking about the reasons why girls like rich guys, it is necessary to mention that a rich person is perceived as an interesting interlocutor with whom you can talk about many topics.

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