How to Recover Hard Disk Using Hard Drive Recovery Tool

When you get to encounter any problems with the hard drive, it may leave you frustrated as mostly it can lead to data loss. Some of the questions that can make ringer your mind includes how to recover hard disk. Well, this is possible especially when one is using the hard drive recovery tool. One of the conditions that are necessary when you are recovering hard disk data using hard drive recovery tool is that it should not be damaged physically. Also, it is very important to ensure that the data on the hard drive is not overwritten. In the market, there has been an increase in the number of software which can be used to recover data.

Hard disk recovery

When you encounter this situation, the first step is always to download a hard drive recovery tool (a very reliable software). In the market, there are very many advanced recovery software which can be used to unformat the files or even undelete files which emptied from the Recycle bin or the lost data as a result of the partition loss or even damage, unexpected shutdown, virus infectionor even any other unknown reasons. Mostly, you can download these hard drive recovery tool for free,and you can recover it. Amazingly, most of these software allows you to recover a sizeable amount of data using the software. However, if you need to recover more than the set limit, you will be forced to upgrade to professional.

After you have been able to download the software, you can go ahead and install on the machine which you want to recover the data from. For instance, let us look at EaseUS software that you can be able to use to recover the data. The first step is to ensure that you launch the software. Run the EaseUS Data recovery tool and the select drive on the hard disk where you got to lose or even delete the files. Click on the scan to begin scanning all the lost data as well as the files. EaseUS hard drive recovery tool is going to scan whole selected drive and then find the lost files, and this includes the existing as well as the hidden data. After this, preview and then restore the lost hard drive data as well as the files.

You can be able to find the deleted, as well as lost files in the deleted files, drive with the device drive letter. The ‘lost partition files’ or even the Extra files is going to list the formatted as well as Raw data here. Go ahead and double click to find the files to be able to preview. After you have previewed, select the wanted files which you lost on this drive and then click Recover to be able to save them on a very secure location on the drive. Interestingly, this software can be able to recover the deleted files after you have been able to empty recycle bin, and this includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint, photo database and much more. You can be wondering what makes it possible for one to recover the data after deletion has been completed. Well, mostly, windows gets to mark hard drive space as available for usage by being able to change one character in this file table so that this file entry is not going to be displayed in the ‘My Computer’ or even the command line-DIR command. If you kick-start the undelete process before the windows get to use that portion of the hard drive to write the new file, then all that you need to do is to ensure that you have set the flag back to ‘on,’ and you are going to get the file.

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