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Dell laptops are always on top of best-selling laptops in any ecommerce or local computer markets due to its high specifications and cheaper price. One of the best features provided by Dell laptops is its lock screen security that enables you to protect your laptop with a password or pin code or even with a fingerprint so that no one can unlock your computer without your appropriate permission. It is always recommended by experts to password-protect your computer so that no one can hack it and steak the confidential information from your laptop.

Dell password reset Windows

But what if you are the one who forgot its own Dell laptop password? Certainly, even you won’t be able to retrieve any files or data from your laptop unless you input the right password. In short, every data and documents are lost if you don’t remember your password. Indeed it’s a panicking situation but we promise we do have a solution that resolves this issue for you. Microsoft did provide a new feature in Windows 10 where you can reset the password using your Microsoft account but it is only eligible if you are using your Microsoft account to protect your computer. Still doesn’t work with local administrator accounts or finger print passwords.

But as usual, we have the solution to resolve this issue permanently and that’s where UUkeys Windows Password Recovery comes into play. UUkeys Windows Password Recovery is one of the best-selling Windows password recovery programs that are positively reviewed by hundreds of customers who are satisfied with this software and successfully used it to remove the password from their Dell laptops. It is absolutely one of the safest ways to reset your laptop password without losing any files or documents at all.

In addition, you can reset password in any Windows computer or laptop, which includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10 and all other old Windows version. It never fails to disappoint anyone since this software guarantees a 100% success that your password will be totally removed from your laptop.

Specifications of UUkeys Windows Password Recovery Program

  • Remove password from all Windows computers or laptops if forgot including Windows Vista, XP, servers, Windows 7/8/10 and so on.
  • Allows you to create a password reset disk with your USB stick or CD/DVD.
  • New users can be added easily or existing users can be deleted without any problem.
  • Liter in size that makes this program runs incredibly fast.
  • Works offline. No internet connection needed.
  • Any query? Ask the support staff anytime for help.

How to Reset Dell laptop Windows 10 password using UUkeys

Literally, It takes few minutes to create the bootable disk and few moments to reset dell laptop password. It is very quick and needs minimum requirements. To reset the password of your Dell laptop, kindly follow these below steps –

Step 1. Borrow a computer from a friend or sibling or you can even use a public computer and install the UUkeys program on the new computer. Next launch UUkeys and you should be able to see the interface of this program.

Step 2. Insert a USB flash drive or CD/DVD to the computer and select the device name from the drop down list. Next, click on “Burn USB” if you have used a USB driver or click on “Burn CD/DVD” if you are using a compact disc.Reset Dell Password

Step 3. When the burning process is successfully finished, you will be able to see the following pop up message –Dell Password Reset

Step 4. Now use this bootable disk to unlock your Dell laptop. First, turn on the laptop and keep pressing F2 to activate the boot menu option. Then, use the arrows to select the bootable disk name and press Enter to continue.

Step 5. UUkeys program should be loaded at this point and now you will need to input these following details –

  • Check the Windows version. For example: Windows 10.
  • Click on the administrator username of your laptop.
  • Click “Reset Password” and the program should remove the password from your computer.
  • Click “Reboot”.

Reset Dell password Windows 10And you are done! Reboot the computer now and you should be able to use your Dell laptop without any password at all.


UUkeys Windows Password Recovery tool has endless potential and can really save your life if your laptop has some really important and confidential data that you may have needed urgently. Moreover, this program has been downloaded by over a million users who have approved that authenticity of this program. Please make sure not to use this program for any illegal or mischief activities that are prohibited by law. You should only use this program on your computer or laptop or you can take permission from others to reset passwords in their laptop or computers.

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