Why LED Lights Are Better Than CFL

led lightsWhat do you use for your house’s lighting? If CFL is your answer, then you need to update yourself seriously. Just take a look here and there, and you will hardly find CFLs. I know, you are not going to replace CFLs in your house, by LEDs, just by following crowd. Well, no need to do so, as I am going to give you the reasons to opt for LED. Let’s have a look at the top most reasons that why LEDs are better than CFLs.

Energy Efficient

Let’s not waste time and come to the major problem of most of people. High Electricity Bills. If you always find high electricity bills on your door, then you must switch to LED technology. CFL produces heat and thus, only 70 to 80 percent input energy is given to you as output. Rest energy gets wasted. Though this much energy gets wasted, but don’t forget, you get charged for this energy as well, and its impact appears in high electricity bill. LEDs are far better than CFLs in terms of energy efficiency. Almost all of input energy is provided as output energy i.e light. So no more shocking electricity bills, when you use LEDs.

Environment Friendly

As a part of the society, you have some duties to do as well. One from them is the protecting environment. Environment’s protection is must for the welfare of society and future generations. Well, element Mercury, which is really very harmful to environment, is used in the manufacturing of CFLs. The more you use CFL, more will be rate of production of the same, more will be the use of dangerous element Mercury, and thus at last, bad effect will be on our environment. But no such

Harmful element is used in LEDs. So use of LEDs don’t cause any environment related problems. Totally Environment Friendly, Right?

Long Life

LEDs do come with the guarantee of long life. An average life time of LED is 16 or more years. CFLs don’t last more than 25,000 hours. Long life of LED saves your money from getting wasted on lighting products. Install LEDs once, and forget it, at least for 16 years. 16 years is a damn long period and such a long lifetime of LED makes it a true ‘Value for Money’ product.

Available in Many Shapes

This is another good thing about the LEDs. You can find the LEDs of various shapes. The wide range of LEDs enable you to choose the one, that suit your needs best. In CFL, as there is only one poor shape, so you are compelled to use the same; whether you like to do or not.

There are many more reasons that make LEDs better than CFLs. Don’t wait more. Get LEDs right away and enter a new era of lighting your home. Are you going to purchase LEDs? Spread the world about t, in the comment section below.

About Author: Guest post by Naven, who contribute for Nice LED lights to save electricity, where you can find largest selection of LED Replacement bulbs, LED ceiling Lights etc.

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