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Minecraft APK is one of the most popular iOS and android games come with some interesting features. If you are looking for Minecraft APK Download, this is the right place for you. This awesome game gives players an open world with infinite possibilities. As a Minecraft player, you can build anything such as buildings, castles, roads, bridges, parks, plant forests. Gradually, a big city will grow on the map within a few days, where different creatures will live.

More About Minecraft APK

Like Minecraft Pocket Minecraft game is developed by Swedish studio Mojang. Currently the app has 100 million+ active users and the number is increasing day by day. The game is available for both android and iOS.Minecraft APK Download

The Minecraft game has several modes- Creative and Survival, adventure, hardcore, and observation mode. If you are a new beginner, you should start it with two modes. In this mode, you have to builds buildings, infrastructure and various natural objects from blocks. And you need lots of imagination power and out-of-the-box thinking to create beautiful and original locations.

On the other hand, in the survival mode you have to perform some additional tasks such as look for weapons, get food and resources to survive there. Hardcore mode is for pro gamers and if you don’t want to play the game, the observation mode is for you.

The best thing about the game is that you can play it solo or play together with your friends. Now let’s have a look at the key features of the app.

Key Features of Minecraft APK

  • One of The Best sandbox Genre Game

There is no classic story here. Means Minecraft game is like a free world to the gamers. You are allowed to build and break anything in this world. Not only that, like real world, you will also find here deserts, caves, dungeons, forests and more.

  • Multiple Game Modes

To make the game more interesting it comes with four different modes- creative, survival, hardcore and observation mode.

  • The Game Makes You Creative

It is one of the few games available in the market which will make you creative. Players have to use their imagination and strategies to survive, craft and to continue in the game.

  • Supports Multiplayer

Like Project IGI 4, Minecraft also supports multiplayer mode. It is always exciting to play a game with friends and colleagues. The best thing is that with a free Xbox live account, you can play it with up to four friends.

  • Free To Download

You don’t have to spend a single penny to play the game on your android smartphone. Minecraft is available for free to download on Google Play Store.

These were the interesting features available inside the game called Minecraft. Other features included brilliant 3D graphics, daily rewards etc. To explore all the features of the game, we suggest you to try the game yourself.

Though the game is available on Google Play Store, but if you are looking for one click download and installation, we suggest you download Minecraft APK from the link below.

Minecraft APK Download Free For Android

Minecraft APK DownloadIt is super easy to download the APK file of Minecraft. To start the downloading process, kindly tap on the above download button and the downloading process will start itself. Once downloaded, you can find it on your phone file manager. If you want, you can also download the APK file on your laptop or computer.

How To Install Minecraft APK On Your Android Smartphone ?

If you are downloading a APK file on your smartphone, kindly enable 3rd party installation on your Android smartphone. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources, and toggle the switch to enable it. That’s all. Now follow the steps mentioned below to complete the installation process.


Check twice that you have downloaded the full and proper APK file, not a broken one.


Now transfer the APK file from desktop to android device. Skip this step if you have downloaded the APK file using your android smartphone.


Open your phone file manager and search for the APK file of Minecraft game.


Once you find the file, tap on it and follow on-screen instructions to initiate the installation process. That’s all. Within a few moments the app would be installed on your android smartphone.

Congrats! You have successfully installed Series9 APK on your android smartphone. To open the app go to app drawer and tap on the icon of the app.

If you faced any difficulty kindly let us know through our comment section. We’ll try to solve your issue ASAP.


Before start playing Minecraft on your android smartphone, you should know that it is a very highly addictive game like PubG. But still if you are looking for a game to kill your boredom, Minecraft APK is for you.

FAQ’s on Minecraft APK

What is Minecraft  APK ?

Minecraft is one of the most popular arcade game that gives a very big open world to players with infinite possibilities.

Is Minecraft APK is available for free download ?

Yes, it is available for free download on Technied.com

Is Minecraft APK safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use, If you are downloading it from a trusted site like Technied.com.

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