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You would think that it would be incredibly easy to find out which edition of SalesForce that you own but sadly that is not the case. As you know as a an owner of Salesforce that it is a good piece of software for anyone who needs to generate sales but some aspects of running it can be confusing, especially when you are first getting started with it. We know that there are many people who only know how to do the basics with the software. In this article we will attempt to elucidate a few intimate details of getting the most out of this tool and how to check SalesForce edition.

salesforce editionYou Are Not Alone

When it comes to attempting to check the edition of your version of SalesForce, you are not alone in your troubles because so many people also have this same problem. We actually checked Google and there are over 973,000 suggested cites on Google when we search to the answer for this problem. That means that it is a very common issue that many people who have this software also have. If anything, it isn’t you but how the software is designed and how the options are laid out.

How To Check SalesForce Edition

Best ways to figure out how to check Salesforce edition is via Google. As you Google around to solve this issue you will see that there are a ton of text explanations on blogs and on internet forums. You will also find a few images of how to go through the steps of how to find out this information. We definitely are visual learners and it is easier to learn how to do something when you are seeing it so we definitely suggest looking at these images or watching a video on youtube to figure out how to find this information.

As far as the text instructions go, they are pretty straightforward and most people who are familiar with the software will be able to figure it out. The easiest and most no brainer way to check which edition you have is to simply take your cursor and place it over the tab where your SalesForce account is open and it will tell you the version in the readout, this is suggested because most sites no longer show the title spot at the top of the browser. Another way to do it is to click the setup tab, go to administer, click administer and it will tell you which version you are using. Try both of these and see how they work for you. If they do not work for you and if you need more instruction check a video or still shots in how to do this because it really is easy to do.

As you can see, finding out how to check Salesforce edition is not as hard as most people probably think it is. Yes, with version and browser changes you might have to use a different method but it isn’t difficult but is more about just getting the right information.

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