5 Simple Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Friends

Do you have a geek friend, the type that’s always talking about technology and related jargons? Identifying a geek isn’t that hard and the most amazing thing is that you’ll always find them talking or being obsessed by what they love. Whether they are obsessed with computer software, music, food or gaming, nerds will always find something mesmerizing and seek to do more discoveries every now and then.Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Friends

Gifting a geek isn’t such an easy thing especially because you’d want the gift to mean something to them and still be relevant a few years or months to come. However, a little bit of thoughtfulness could prove to be very helpful in finding the best gift that’ll leave a smile on their face and help them treasure the gift for many days to come.

Below are 5 simple gift ideas for your geeky friends and we believe these will go a long way in making your selection easier: –

1. Gift Ideas For Photography Geek

If you have an adventure photographer who’s always aiming his Smartphone on anything and everything, then there is a great gift idea for you. A Smartphone lens kit or a pocket tripod will come in handy for a photography nerd who’s passion is to shoot photos as a hobby as it brings the experience to a new level altogether. Whether they are using an android phone or an iPhone, both items the Smartphone lens kit and the pocket tripod will fit in well with them as it is not only small and portable but also takes your photography to a professional level.

The lens is easy to use and only requires a simple clipping and you can start shooting. As you gift your friend with this kit, just check for the one that’s compatible with the phone they have to help them start using it immediately without pushing them to spend money for an upgrade…

2. Gift Idea For The Athletic Geek

If you have a friend who’s just into sports, whether swimming or running, and they’ve already cleaned out the demons shop, or whoever their favorite team is, a fitness smartwatch would be a great gift to give. This gift is not only fun but also very practical and the good thing is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to find an ideal selection. You can get him or her a waterproof smart band with CF007 coming in handy as it has some keeping fit features which are standard including blood pressure monitor and heart rate monitor..

You may also find other brands which promises to give you an amazing experience but always make sure to confirm their durability and features. A smartwatch that gives battery durability will be ideal and other simple features such as text, call, and social media notifications among others.

3. Gift Ideas For Gamers

With esports gaming becoming ever more popular in recent years, gift ideas for gamers and the list of gifts you can get for your gaming friend are endless and any choice you make will always be exciting. You can also pick a quality game and have your friend enjoy the blistering 4K power it comes with and then add the Nintendo Switch and the PS4 for a plethora of cool games. You can also choose a quality keyboard or monitor with excellent features, or check out this Hori Split Pad controller comparison and invest in a console upgrade for them, to create an unmatched gaming experience.

If they have any of these and you still want to surprise them, choose a good headset especially on that comes with a noise-cancellation mic, comfort and excellent sound quality. The list is endless…

4. Gift Idea For Safety Geeks

You can get a very good gift for your safety-focused friend and they’ll thank you big time for it. An IP camera will be a great choice especially for a friend who loves to keep his or her office or home secure without investing in too much hardware and complicated details. A camera that’s capable of recording in high definition of up to 1080p is a sure bet when choosing a gift.

Look at the wide view angle of the camera and make sure it’s 180-degree for a better view of all that’s happening within the room. The IP camera should be easy to control from anywhere through a computer, phone or tablet using a dedicated app and also offer features such as encryption to keep your records private.

5. Gift Ideas For Knitting Geeks

Surprise your knitting friend with delightful knitting patterns by gifting her with geeky knitting books. The books will definitely make any knitter go for their needles as the patterns are cool and fun. You can pick the “Unobtainables: Fake Elements, Real Knits” which offers 25 knitting patterns to celebrate fictional chemical elements including carbonite, kryptonite, and unobtanium among others. Also, you could pick “Doomsday Knits: Projects for the Apocalypse and After” or “Knits of Tomorrow: Toys and Accessories for your Retro-Future Needs”.

As you think of the best gifts to give to your friends, these gift ideas for your geeky friends will come in handy and the most amazing thing is that you do not have to break the bank for any of them. They are unique and fun for any geek and worth giving a thought to.

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