Battery Saving Tips For Android

Battery Saving Tips: All Android phones are powerful. We can install different apps and games like Skyforce, Subway Scooters etc on our android phones But using multiple apps at the same time can consume lots of battery. At last we all get irritated when our smart phones get shut down due to low battery. We all face this issue one or another time. In fact many Android users are not able to use through a single day. A single night recharge would not stand for the next day. We have had so many changes in the Android phones design with lesser room space for battery. Today we will see some techniques to extend our battery life.

battery saving tips

Top 5 Battery Saving Tips For Android

In this article we will share Battery saving tips for android. To save Android battery you need to control the Number of Apps Running in the Background. One of the most common mistakes Android users tend to do is, leaving the apps running in the background. When an app is running it uses so many resources which need lots of battery power. If an app is not closed, it will read data from servers, check for signals, watch your compass and does many things depends on the app that is running in the background. Phones other than Samsung just tap the multitasking button and swipe the apps to the side which you do not want.

Sync Every 30 Minutes

Apps like email and contacts might be allowed continuously to run. We can save energy by properly setting up their refresh rate. Try to change the setting to how often you want them to sync. Use 30 minutes, so then you will save so much of your battery’s energy. Whenever there are no signals then our cell tries to find out the signal point which consumes a lot of energy. If you are sure no signals will be there at your place, better switch off. Whenever an app tries to find out the location, it uses GPS satellite and wireless networks, if you do not want to know the location then turn off your location finder.

Reduce Brightness

Our phone uses lot of energy to run different services. We will open for different services for information. But the energy remains same whether you use any kind of app or not due to your screen. Try to reduce the screen resolution which saves a lot of energy.

Extreme Cold or Heat Will Harm

How many of us know that the Temperature of the room or place matters the battery life? Extreme cold increases the battery’s internal resistance to electrify flow. Which effects battery’s run time? More heat will break down the battery

Turn Off Your Phone

I know you will beat me now :). But it’s true, if you are sure that you will not receive call at midnight. Then switch it off and save energy. Now our phone will not function. Its like “Be lazy, save energy :D”.

Update Apps Regularly

Always update your apps with the latest version, as the new versions might have memory management. Sometimes the developers themselves will find the memory issues. They will be fixed in the new releases. Let your app up to date.

Above are the battery saving tips for android. Use those techniques frequently. If you have any other ways, please feel free to let us know.

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