TOP 5 Best Action-Adventure Video Games to Play on Playstation & Xbox 360

The world of video games is all related to past and the days when you were a child, or might be a child now. That was the best part of our childhood days, as a grown up kid people are looking forward for new and authentic action video games to play around with their mates and have a great time. We have got you amazing adventure video games which are highly trending this generation of Playstation and Xbox 360. It can be played by anybody a boy of 10 to 20’s or 30’s and each will find it exciting. The growing levels always brings up excitement. If you are fan of playing video games on mobile and don’t want to consume data then you can look at some games without wifi. Now lets have a look at the best action-adventure video games fro Playstation and Xbox 360.

Action-Adventure Video Games

So scroll down to see the 5 popular action adveture video games which are related to crime, and start making a criminal record with your joystick. These fascinating games tend to do all the terrible thing one can even think about.

Best Action-Adventure Video Games to Play on Playstation & Xbox 360

1. MAFIA: It is war based created mystery and is trending since 2016. The story is weaved upon the player who has returned from the massive Vietnam war and is searching for his hometown and raises the gun with fire eradicating all the gangsters and adding more thrill police chief always add on new hurdles for him. This is fun to play, one should must try this.

2. LA NOIRE: For all the suspense and mystery story lovers. This game focuses on solving the detective stories. The journey from the clues to the solution can keep your mind busy all day long. This interrogative quest is way more exciting and each time leads you to battle of conspiracies. More of mind game for all the detective mystery fans.

3. WATCH DOG: This adventure game is for the savior’s one, a the player has to act as a guard. As a future vigilante, the game will get you access over the Chicago city and will give you CTOs system which will tell you about the crimes even before it happens you have to go and save them. This game is all about shooting the criminal and raising a crime free city.

4. GRAND THEFT AUTO 4: This action game is one hell amazing game which is being played by the people since very long, and is favourite of all the gaming people. people can never understand the mystery as it has woven unraveled story which can go for hours and hours providing you task. Gta4 . One must play this game, worth spending hours over it.

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5. SAINTS ROW THE THIRD: This is not very popular but still a nice video game to play. Player is assigned as gangster role, as villain, and superhero or crime lord. This game is fun to access to but is way too massive, fire explosions at each step might annoy you sometimes. This untold mission is to bed solved by the player.

These action adventure games are popularly known today and due to this they are getting higher reach. You can play above games on Playstation 3, 4 & 5 and Xbox 360 which gives you amazing time. If you are always on a hunt to find new games, there are plenty of online retailers selling console games. You can also get access to the latest collection of games at great discounts on So Let the fun begin, Happy gaming!

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