Is Your Magento Website Slow? Speed It Up with MilesWeb’s Magento Hosting

Do you know over 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load? Also, they won’t come back or recommend your website to anyone. Google also decreases your rankings if your website is slow and non-responsive for some time.MilesWeb’s Magento Hosting

Did you check your site’s speed?

Even I learned about the importance of website speed over 3 years ago. This is because one of my websites has lost search engine visibility (rankings) due to slow speed for several days. It took 10-15 plus seconds to load.

Note that, once Google punishes you for slow website performance, it takes time to trust you again, even if you fix the issues immediately.

Still thinking that website’s speed is Not a Big Deal?

You site should load in 3 seconds or less as per 83% of users but the median load time of the top 500 eCommerce home pages is 10 seconds.

This means if there is just a second’s delay in a page’s response, it can result into 7% reduction in conversions.

What’s the behavior of dissatisfied online shoppers?

  • 44% are more likely to develop a negative view of the company
  • 79% would think twice before buying from the site again
  • 46% will surely tell their friends and family about the experience.

Slow page speed negatively affects:

  • User’s experience
  • Page views
  • SEO
  • Conversions

Therefore, I took a fast action of switching my hosting for Magento website to MilesWeb’s Magento hosting India services.

MilesWeb Summary

MilesWeb took its first step in the web hosting industry in 2012. After that the company has never looked back and has been successful in marking its presence globally. They cater their customers with all types of web hosting solutions – Linux and windows shared hosting, dedicated, AWS and DigitalOcean Cloud, Shared and best WordPress hosting India services, KVM based VPS hosting, Domain registration, SSL certificate, etc

They know the importance of your website and so ensure that your website is always up and running for your customers. For this offer the best and highest uptime of 99.95%. Additionally, the features such as SSD drives and LiteSpeed web server also help to speed up your website’s performance.

Magento Hosting

Want to achieve a high score for your Magento website speed test? Switch to MilesWeb’s Magento hosting.

Let’s check what MilesWeb’s Magento hosting offers.

Plans and Pricing

India's Best Magento Hosting Plans - MilesWebFeatures

MilesWeb Magento hosting offers superior Magento performance with LiteMage. It is a high performance solution that helps to manage high loads and sudden traffic spikes. The enhanced tag-based cache management system makes sure that your Magento site’s pages get quickly served easily.

Reasons Why MilesWeb Uses LiteSpeed + LiteMage

Magento Specific Caching

Since LiteMage works on the concept of ESI technology which means “punching holes” in the pages carrying visitor specified information.  The cache memory serves dynamic content and the visitor information therefore, gets truly processed as dynamic. When another visitor browses your site, “holes get filled” with his/her information. Additionally, complete per user pages are cached for repeating visits and no “holes” are needed for such a user.

Static + Dynamic Caching

You will find multiple options for Magento caching such as NGINX, PHP Opcode, and Varnish but all the results indicate that LiteMage is the best for Magento 1 or Magento 2 speed test. Also, other caching platforms fail in terms of usability features of LiteMage.

Low CPU and Memory Needs

There is minimal compute to server content usage by LiteMage due to its deployed server side and ESI mechanism. Additionally, it consumes less RAM and CPU in comparison to Varnish and other PHP caching techniques.

Quick Page Loads

The page load time gets reduced as the complete page content is arranged with the combination of all the received responses. Additionally, the chance of creating individual requests for recovering each block independently gets eliminated, boosting the Magento page load speed.

Native Site Crawling

After the installation of LiteMage, caching occurs instantly. The complete pages of your Magento store get crawled automatically without any manual intervention. This increases the cache, resulting into offering optimum load speed for the visitors browsing the page.

Native SSL Support

Since LiteMage supports SSL, the user authentication is validated with encrypted session tokens which keep away the hacking attempts.

DDoS Protection

LiteSpeed comes with built-in anti-DDoS feature that helps in defending against the several common HTTP attacks as both Magento 1 and Magento 2 websites face them regularly.

Multiple View and Ajax Support

Additionally, multi-currency, multi-store and multi-user groups are supported along with extensions using AJAX based cart by LiteMage.

Magento hosting Features of MilesWeb

Redis Backend & Session Cache

Redis enhances the performance of Magento acting as an in-memory backend and session cache. Additionally, Magento backend, add to cart and checkout are also boosted due to Redis.

Optimized Server

With the power and extensive features, Magento becomes resource intensive and their servers are also optimized so that your store functions swiftly and efficiently.

CloudFlare CDN + Railgun

MilesWeb’s Magento hosting plans comes with CloudFlare CDN and Railgun optimization. Since they have more than 100 datacenters globally, your Magento store will load at faster speed for users across the globe.

Free Magento Installation

Being completely free to install, you can install it whenever you want to without any additional cost. You get your desired hosting package with MilesWeb along with free Magento installation.

Magento Consultancy

Their experts help you whenever you are stuck in a problem, helping your ecommerce business grow. May it be upgrades, plugin suggestions or database related issues, you will always get the help from them.

The Verdict

Magento is free to install and getting Magento hosting from MilesWeb, you get assured that your e-store will always be available for your visitors. No visitor would go disappointed at your e-store when you are at MilesWeb. So, don’t take the risk just signup for MilesWeb Magento hosting and see your ecommerce website flying with blazing speed.

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