How To Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Account

Why so many businesses fail to concur Instagram? It’s one of the fastest growing and most popular social media platforms at the moment, so everybody wants the fame, but not everybody can have it.

Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Account

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So how do you do this correctly? Do you need a strategy or great visuals, or maybe both? There are many ways to success on Instagram, and one of the most important is keeping up with the trends. If you can do that – all you need is to learn the basics. Check out this free Instagram followers app to grow your followers instantly and enhance your business.

Here you”ll find some valuable tips on how to flourish your Instagram account, get more followers and create a higher engagement rate.

Choose a Theme

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 By saying “theme”, we mean both the color and both the content. Make sure your Instagram is monochromic and nice to look at. It will catch an eye of a user who is checking out your profile, at least much more than a chaotic color scheme would.

Content is very crucial too – you need to decide what your Instagram profile will be about. Is it about travel? Is it about beauty and makeup? Is it about a crazy nightlife lifestyle? It can be about anything, as long as it is consistent.

Use Popular Hashtags

This tip is one of the main ones – if you don’t have a popular Instagram account with many users, this is your only chance to get into the Instagrams feed. Otherwise, how will other users even notice you? In the future, when you will have at least 50k followers, you can stop adding so many hashtags and use them for fun.

You can easily Google a list of the most trending and popular hashtags – in your country or worldwide. It’s also a good idea to add some specific, very niche hashtags so that your real fans can discover you somehow.

Use Same Borders and Same Filter All the Time

Choose a border and a filter that you love the most and stay loyal to it. Your profile won’t ever catch the crowd’s attention if it’s chaotic and has no charm to it. If you use borders – use them all the time, and your Instagram account will look incredible. If you don’t – that’s fine too, but then don’t use them at all.

Take notice that Instagram accounts with very different pictures don’t ever have many followers, even if their post count hits 1000. So always remember – consistency is power.

Follow Users That Might Be Interested in You

Creating content and adding popular hashtags won’t get you famous overnight. You need to do some additional work, like keeping up with trends, coming up with engaging ideas for your content, and, of course, communicating. If there is a discussion starting on your post – engage in it and talk to your fans.

In other time, search for similar accounts or for users that are your target audience and try to engage with them – like their photos, comment on them, follow their accounts and maybe they’ll do the same. You’ll help them discover you.

But be careful – Instagram has a limit of posts you can like and accounts you can follow per hour. It differs depending on how old is your account and how active you are, but just to be safe – don’t cross the line of 100 likes, and 100 follows per hour. You can also follow hashtags on Instagram now, this one’s not limited.

Schedule Your Posts

How To Rapidly Grow Instagram AccountImage Credit: Igor Miske

 To catch everybody’s attention is your task number one. Your task number two is to keep your followers interested, otherwise – they will forget you, and they will unfollow you.

If you are an extremely busy person, but still feel super motivated to grow your Instagram account and build a business out of it, then the only way is to plan and schedule your Instagram posts. Luckily, there are a few ways now how to post to instagram from mac.

If you want to schedule on a regular laptop or by using your phone – that’s also fine, you’ll be surprised how many solutions you’ll find on Google and Google Play.

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