Top mobile marketing trends in 2013

mobile marketing trendsWith the huge popularity of mobile phones and tablets more and more companies are shifting their marketing interests to mobile devices. And they are quite right in doing so too. There are thousands of android and iOS apps available in the market today which the people binge on and even the statistics show how the mobile internet usage has dramatically increased.  If even you are wishing to make the best of mobile marketing in 2013 then these are the things you need to take care of-

1) Make more and more apps

In 2013 marketers will launch attractive and compelling apps to engage the customers with their products. According to the study done by eMarketer it was found that today the customers spend 12 percent of their overall media engagement time on smartphone in comparison to 2009 when it was just 3 percent. This means, the more you would create engaging apps for phones the more you would be able to connect to the customers.

2) Mobile coupons

Mobile coupons would go mainstream in 2013. Mobile coupons are already picking up pace and there is little time left when these would completely take over paper coupons. With mobile coupons redeemed 10 times as often as traditional coupons (source: factbrowser), it should mean something, isn’t it?

3) Location based mobile marketing

2013 will be the year of location based mobile marketing. Geotargeting would become one of the primary tools for marketing. With such kind of marketing the companies would easily drive the customers to the nearby stores. By allotting various kinds of redeeming points and promotional content they would be able to engage in their products.


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