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Here in this post we are going to give you a review on simple mobile for android smartphones. Simple mobile is one the best mobile and wireless provider company which provides the wireless network at low cost. Earlier in America when there was no way of getting a prepaid wireless connection on smartphone, but then an idea changed everything.

Simple mobile introduced the best wireless network under trac fone wireless.INC which was the best prepaid wireless network at low cost. Simple mobile assures you of getting unlimited calls, text and data at reasonable price whereas if you want to have a 4G connection or wireless connection then no need to get scared of the bills. After using simple mobile you will not say a single word as it makes it simple. It provides you with the best low costing plans which you can easily afford and just what you need to do is just take the SIM card and you are done. You can order SIM card online and you can use it on any unlocked android smartphone. There are many other services that we are going to talk about so, here are some of the following points on this company which made history through its ides.

Services – it provides you with the best services with unlimited calls, unlimited text and data worldwide at a reasonable price. I have seen many of the individuals who are looking for some low costing plans which they can easily afford. So, here is your chance just order or get the SIM card from any of the respective 1000+retail locations. As i mentioned above that it works on any unlocked GSM android smartphone so, you won’t have to buy a new one and if you don’t have any then you can easily buy it online just Visit the stores or you can visit the website .

So, this was a brief overview on this prepaid wireless and mobile company simple mobile. And now we are going to show you the configuration settings from which you can easily get setup.

Configuration for data and MMS

  1. After getting the SIM card on your respective android device just open the <settings> option.
  2. Then look for an option <wireless & network> and click on that option.
  3. A submenu appears then select for <mobile networks>
  4. After selecting <mobile networks> select <access point names>
  5. When you are done with do not choose any other settings that you have on your smartphone just make a new apn configures by clicking the right hand side button of your smartphone and click new apn.
  6. Now what you have to do is just fill the following categories <name> for the name you have to write <simple> lower case
  7. <Apn> for this option write <simple> lower case.
  8. Then look for the option <MMNC> and type the following characters
  9. Just below this option you will find <MCC> write <310>
  10. Below that <MNC> write <260>
  11. <apn type> write <default.supl.mms>
  12. Last one would be <apn protocol> write <IPv4>

And leave rest as a blank. And then hit save button by pressing the right hand side button.

So, this was an overview on simple mobile with its configuration settings. Enjoy.

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