The $35 Lowest Cost Tablet From India Will Launch This June 2011

lowest cost tabletWelcome back to TechNied again.Here is a great news for all. The world’s lowest cost tablet codenamed ‘Sakshat’ is expected to launch at the end June 2011. If you are waiting for the last six moths to get this low cost tablet then very soon it will in your hand.

Initially it will come at price of Rs 2,200 ($50 approx). But later Govt. will subsidies the cost by 50% which will bring down the price to Rs. 1,100 per device.

Features of Lowest Cost Tablet ‘Sakshat’

1. 7 inch touchscreen LCD display

2. USB port

3. Wi-Fi

4. 32 GB hard disk

5. 2 GB RAM

6. 2 Watts of power consumption with solar charging option

7. Multimedia support(Can play audio/video)

8. Inbuilt Keyboard

9. SIM card slot

10. Headphone jack

The tablet will run on Linux OS and is made by HCL Technologies.The government has decided to launch more than 100,000 units over the next five months.

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