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Avast 2016 Offline Installer: Antivirus is one of the important and must have software for any computer/PC as it protects the system from deadly viruses and malwares. If you are using a computer without installing an antivirus, you are taking too risk. Anytime a virus or malware can attack your computer and can make the system slow. Not only that, viruses, malware and spywares can corrupt your files, illegally steal your info.avast 2016 offline installerThere are plenty of antiviruses available in the market. Some of them are free and some are paid. If you are looking for the best free antivirus, you should go with Avast. It is very popular and renowned antivirus among people. The all new version of Avast 2016 includes a network defence system that can detect any sort of problems with your residence router’s safety. I am a great follower of this free antivirus. Along with desktop, you can also use avast antivus 2016 to protect your smartphone.

Recently the company has released a new version in its Avast antivirus series. And it is the Avast 2016 Offline Installer package for its desktop users. The new version of Avast antivirus will make the system more secure then it was with the old antivirus.

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Avast 2016 offline installer comes with four quick-access panels link to software application update, browser clean-up, home network protection and secureline VPN.

Features of Avast 2016 Offline Installer

Smart Scan: It integrates the Antivirus, Browser Cleanup, Software Updater, Cleanup, Home Network Security and Passwords into one. It allows the users to have a good view of security profile and offer easy fixes for any issues detected.

Easier Setup: Avast Setup become easier, quicker and more intuitive as compared to previous versions.

Cleanup: An improved version of the GrimeFighter. Now its more easy to remove junk files to improve PC performance.

Avast Home Network Security: Now scans for even more kinds of vulnerabilities on your router and home network.

Enhanced Interface: The new update of the antivirus has a all new interface providing an easier control and more space for content.

You can download Avast 2016 antivirus on your computer from two setup files. One is online installer and the other is offline installer. We suggest you go with offline installer as it has several advantages over online installer. The key one is offline installer can be used for multiple installations where as online installer can be used for only one time. So, download Avast 2016 Offline Installer from the link given below. After downloading you can share the same setup file with your friends, relatives easily.

Download Avast 2016 Offline Installer Free for Windows And Mac

Download Avast Free antivirus 2016 Offline Installer For Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8  and Windows 10

Avast Free Antivirus 2016 For Mac

Download Avast Mac Security 2016 For Mac OS X 10.6.8 or Later

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