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CaptainForm Review: Are you aware of the importance of using surveys and forms while selling your products and services to your customers? If you own a WordPress website, then you might know its significance. There are numerous survey and form plugins available in the market. Today we are here with CaptainForm review, the all-in-one solution for WordPress forms and surveys. It is a plugin which helps users set up fully featured surveys and forms. This plugin features a lot of characteristics including 3rd party apps integration and ensures that the user need not get any other software. Once the user installs CaptainForm, there is no need for any extra add-on. In simple words, CaptainForm is the best survey and form solution for any WordPress website.CaptainForm Review

CaptainForm Features

CaptainForm is a rich form and survey plugin which has a plethora of features tempting anyone to use it on their WordPress website.

Enriched Templates

CaptainForm offers its users enriched and different templates which are highly customizable and can be easily refined as well. More than 30 templates are available, including but not limited to surveys templates, contact form template, poll and event registration form templates. All the templates offered by CaptainForm are available for all the accounts.

Great Form Editor

If a form and survey plugin doesn’t pack itself with decent editing features, then it is of no use. But we have CaptainForm, which has amazing editing capabilities, including the drag-and-drop interface. This feature helps the user edit the form easily without any hassle. It features a modern-style editing interface and allows the user to edit multiple fields quickly with the different options of layouts. Furthermore, this plugin allows users to customize themes and easily edit the forms using the inbuilt tools available in the plugin dashboard.

Apps Integration

The 3rd party apps integration is one of the most important factors which people look out for in form and survey plugins. The good news is that CaptainForm integrates well with third party apps, including best file sharing sites like Google Drive and Dropbox, PayPal, SalesForce, MailChimp and many more. For adding functionality to forms and surveys, users can easily use any of these apps.

Organization and Security of Data

If the forms and surveys created by you ask for the personal details of your customers, then it is obvious that you will soon have lots of data at your disposal. This plugin helps in managing the submitted forms under the Submission section, allowing users to print, edit or export the submitted forms easily. Furthermore, it helps users generate the reports and charts based on the submitted forms and surveys. Coming to the data security, CaptainForm features IP limitation, SSL encryption, country filters, password protection, captcha, anti-spam protection options and much more. This means that your data would be secure with the CaptainForm plugin.

Custom Notifications, Coupon Codes and more

The CaptainForm plugin has the option to send an autoresponder to the customers based on their form submission. CaptainForm allows users to create personalized coupon codes to tempt their customers with amazing offers and discounts. The coupon names can be decided according to the business. Other features include PDF form submission, conditional logic-based form branching and many more.

Pricing and Plans

CaptainForm ReviewThe CaptainForm plugin is available in a free plan and three paid subscriptions. All the plans come with common features including stellar support, 30 templates and SSL encryption, but there are even more notable features.

Regular Plan (Free)

This plan is for those people who are looking for trying the plugin before purchasing it. The user can use it on a single website and is offered 3 forms with 15 fields, one report with 3 custom themes, 500 secured entries per month and 100 MB storage.

Apprentice ($35/year)

This is the most affordable CaptainForm plan which allows users to use it on a single website. It offers 5000 secured entries per month, unlimited forms, storage of 50 MB, unlimited fields and ability for integrating with 5 native apps.

Master ($95/year)

This CaptainForm plan allows the plugin to be used on 3 websites simultaneously. It offers 14 native apps with unlimited fields and forms, storage of 2GB and 20000 secured entries per month.

Hero ($195/year)

If you are planning to use the CaptainForm plugin exclusively and extensively on different websites, then you can purchase the Hero subscription. The plugin can be used on unlimited websites. It offers storage space of 10 GB with 24 native apps and add-ons, unlimited fields and forms, 100,000 entries per month, coupon codes integration, payment, multisided support and much more.


If you face any issues while using CaptainForm, you can get support easily and quickly. Their support is available for 5 days a week with 16 hours a day through email, live chat or Skype calls. Moreover, they provide stellar support to all users.

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Final Words

CaptainForm is a rich plugin which features a clean interface giving the users an amazingly balanced experience. We should say thanks to its well-designed UI which has a very short learning curve for the users when it comes to editing. One of the simplest ways to keep a track of your customer’s needs is to get their feedback in a form of a survey. This can help you in knowing whether your customer really liked your product or service offered by your company. Overall, this plugin gives an awesome experience to its users. But, one thing which you might not like is CaptainForm working from the Cloud. The majority of people like hosting plugins on their own, but if you really can live with it, then you will love the experience of using CaptainForm. If you use CaptainForm on your website, your WordPress forms will have a great impact and rock the world. And, eventually, you are sure to be a winner in the years to come.

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