Why Responsive Web Design Is Important and Its Importance on People

The phrase “responsive web design” has been dominating the web design scene for years now, and it is transforming the way websites are structured and presented online. When a website has a responsive design, it is able to adapt to screen sizes seamlessly, regardless of the device. Rather than creating a different version of a website for each device and resolution, which is impossible, responsive design became the go-to method.Responsive Website Design

When a device isn’t optimized for certain devices, a website will risk losing visitors. More than ever, people are searching from more than their PCs. Smartphones, TVs, tablets, and even game consoles have features that can now traverse the internet. When an increased usage in smartphone-based web searches, businesses need to adopt web designs that can switch between PC and mobile versions without an issue.

That’s just the beginning of why responsive web design is important. Whether you’re looking for responsive web design in melbourne or elsewhere in the world, it’s clear that responsive web design is vital if you want your website to work on any device in any location.

Let’s venture deeper into the subject of responsive web design and its effect on people.

The Need For Responsive Websites

In 2014, only 22% of consumers chose their smartphone over the computer; but with the roll out of 4G networks, mobile usage skyrocketed. For example, in the UK, when 4G was released in 2014, the amount of mobile subscriptions exponentially jumped from 2.7 million to 23.6 million. In 2016, Google found that more than 50% of search queries globally came from mobile devices.

The 2018 figures from Statista showed the mobile phone users around the world reached 4.9 billion. In 2019, it is estimated that smartphone usage will increase to 2.5 billion. That means that more than half of all mobile phone users will then have a smartphone—and the power to search the World Wide Web from the palm of their hand.

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Because of this increase, digital usage reached an astounding 5.7 hours a day on average in 2017. 

For these reasons alone, having a responsive web design has become increasingly pertinent. Your online presence needs a website that can be see through a multitude of devices.

Benefits and Importance of Responsive Web Design

By administering a responsive web design, you are guaranteeing your audience that the content on your website will scale across all platforms. It shouldn’t matter whether the audience is viewing the site on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone—the experience should be satisfying. Navigation should be unified, regardless of the platform. You can probably already see that responsive web design is part of the user experience, and having a website that responds well to any device reduces frustration greatly.

A Highly rated user experience, from a well-designed website means people will receive your brand and image positively. A customer-conscious business fair much better now in rankings, which you need if you want to succeed. This can be achieved to an even higher standard by hiring professionals to help, like Sayenko Website Design who will help take the hard work out of it for you.

Responsive web design is also an important ranking factor. Sites that respond to a variety of screen resolutions and platforms without reducing load speed will generally rank higher in the SERPs and reduce bounce rate. Since responsive web design makes sharing throughout social media easier than ever, you should be using a responsive design to grow your brand recognition and audience simultaneously.

To sum this all up: Responsive web design is not just about scalability and versatility. Responsive web designs adhere to practices for decent user experience, help you rank higher in the SERPs, and decrease your bounce rate. If you want to stand out and get ahead, you need to consider hiring a professional web designer to create a beautiful, responsive web design for your business.

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