Best Music Apps for Android

Best Music Apps For android: Music became a part of our life. A group of people can feel a particular emotion using music. Whether you are a politician, doctor, software engineer, housemaid or any of the profession, everyone enjoys the music. Some will give you inspiration; some give you perfect idea of the particular situation. Music is instrument of life’s emotions. Music is music appsGone are the days when we used to go to our home or our friends house to listen to a song or a particular album. With the new technology everything you imagine is possible. We have had many music players to carry with us by loading no of songs thus tape recorders and radios become outdated. Of course there are people who enjoy different programs in radio even now. Our Smartphones took the world in new direction. We can have the entire music library in our handset to listen whenever we want without carrying music players with us.

Almost all kind of smartphones have best music apps. Even though it’s true that the dedicated music players produce high quality music, we are happy with smartphones that gives us good quality. As of now android is very popular smartphone in the world. We have many best music apps for Android phones. The problem is finding out the best music app is time consuming as there are many apps in the store for Android phones.

We have listed out some of the best music apps for android. Following are the few-

Best Music Apps for Android

DoubleTwist Music Player

This is one of the highest rated apps in the Play Store. The DoubleTwist Music Player is most popular player in Android Play Store.

It has ability to sync with iTunes and can manage postcast too. It has simple interface. Along with regular features, DoubleTwist Music Player comes up with Magic Radio subscription service. Even though the app is free, to access some premium features you will have to make in-app purchase. If you buy Magic Radio subscription you can get premium features too. You will have the status indicator about the subscribed podcast and related podcast will be displayed to you. You can also sort the podcasts in any order.

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp has good looking interface with a lot of features. To discuss about all the features supported by Poweramp, it would take so much time.

There is customizing option to change with different themes. The player is available for 15 days trial. We have lot of features available for premium. The graphical equalizer supports many play list formats. Your EQ presets can be saved to use set up specific one based on your headset. Your album names, directories will be shown in poweramp is the only downside.


Probably this is all round music player. It has video and audio support. When come to the music side, it has a great feature which identifies your music and matches up with lyrics and art. Another cool feature about this app is that it has a player called “Mood player” which will create playlist based on our feelings if you tell. It recommends many other tunes when you are on line.


This is a free one. Using this app you can listen to seasonal music like Christmas songs and some regular shows if you are talk show lover.

There are a lot of songs almost more than 18 million. More than 400,000 artist’s music and some live streaming based on your interest also presented. If you search and browse there are many more available in the app.


This app allows you to set alarm with your favorite music and it is free. This app is very easy to use, but it has less music when compared with all the above. This is most popular streaming music online. If you are looking for new music it’s a great music discovery.

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Rdio app is recent one and it has once got 3.5 rating,that is when they improved the app a lot. It’s been a good streaming service app which has separate stations for category.

There are stations like artist station and genre stations. The app is free and it has 30 million songs to listen. You can be a premium member for more features.


Spotify is another good app to listen free music. The only thing is you have advertisements playing once in a while in between the songs, which is not a big deal. It recently updated the app to listen for free.

Twenty million songs from different artist are available with this service. It has tablet support, you can create playlists and listen to playlists which created by your friends.


This is popular for its radio talk and podcast support. It’s not a full music app but you can find some music. This is used by radio talk lovers all over the world. This is not actually for hard code music lovers. This is for who likes little music, podcast and radio talks.


Above are some of the best music apps for android. Install them and enjoy the music. If you know any other good apps, please let us know. Thanks for reading!!

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