5 Simple Best Guitar Tuner Apps

Now, in the age of android, you no need to buy a digital guitar tuner to tune your guitar. You can do it easily by using an android app. There are hundreds of guitar apps available in the Google Play Store and all tuner apps are not equal. Even some of them are don’t work properly. In this post we would like to list 5 simple best guitar tuner apps to tune a guitar instantly.

best guitar tuner appsWithout proper tuning, a guitar can’t produce good sound. An expert guitarist can tune a guitar manually within a moment. But if you are new to playing guitars, we suggest you to install one of the following android app on your mobile phone.

5 Best Guitar Tuner Apps For Android


GuitarTuna is one of the most popular and highest rated guitar tuner app for android. The app is simple, easy to use and has beautiful user interface. GuitarTuna also has some advanced features for expert guitar players. It also helps users to learn guitar by playing a set of mini games. Both the free and paid version of GuitarTuna is available on Google Play Store. Another best thing about the app is that it not only works for acoustic and electric guitars but also for violin, mendolin, balalaika, cello etc.


Like GuitarTuna, it can also tune any musical instruments like guitar, violin, viola, violoncello, piano etc. gStrings works on any android mobile with android 1.5 and up. The size of the app is just 972 KB. Download this tuner app from Google Play Store and tune your guitar for free within a minute or two.

Chromatic Guitar Tuner

This guitar tuner app is my personal favourite. I have been using this app for last two years after getting recommendation from my guitar guru. Chromatic Guitar Tuner is so simple and effective. The home screen of the app looks really great and it can detect any note or pitch easily. This is a completely free tuner app for android with no ads. Download the app from here.

Pano Tuner

Another highest rated guitar tuner for both iOS and android. Pano Tuner is great in terms of accuracy. The app knows exactly what note a user is playing. It also reacts very fast. Like other guitar tuner apps, Pano Tuner also works with many instruments like upright basses, trumpets, piccolos and many more.

Pro Guitar Tuner

Great app for quick tuning. This tuner is developed by the team behind the popular online guitar tuner site proguitartuner.com. As it is a chromatic tuner, you can tune almost all types of stringed instruments using this tuner app. Pro Guitar Tuner is used by guitar repair shops, professional guitar makers and musicians all around the world. Download the app from Google Play Store for easy guitar intonation.

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All the free guitar tuner apps we have mentioned here are very simple and easy to use. Some of the apps also have a pro version with some advanced features. If you know any other free tuner apps which you think should be listed here, just let us know through our comment section. If it is really useful and user friendly, we’ll surely add the tuner app to our list.

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