Download WhatsApp Desktop App For Mac And Windows

World’s most popular messaging app Whatsapp has finally released a desktop app for both Windows and Mac. All other popular messaging apps had this feature for ages. Now using the app, you can quicly send and receive messages right from your Windows and Mac whatsapp desktop app

The all new Whatsapp desktop app works with only Windows 8+ and Mac OS 10.9+ PCs. So, if you are running older versions of OS on your computer, the desktop app is not for you. I am sure most of you have already used Whatsapp web on your PC. Whatsapp desktop app is almost similar to Whatsapp web. Means you need an active internet connecion on your mobile phone for the desktop app to work. This is a major drawback of the app. There are many messaging apps that work well without an active data connection on your mobile phone. Telegram is one of them.

How To Download WhatsApp Desktop App

The downloading process is totally easy. To get started, one can visit WhatsApp Download Center to download desktop clients for Mac and Windows PC. After installing the app on your computer, you need to scan the QR code of your mobile WhatsApp app. Once done, you can send messages, upload a profile pic, share images and record an audio messages right from your desktop.

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