How To Select The Perfect Name For Your Clothing Store

In today’s e-commerce marketplace, with hundred of companies competing everyday, a brand name can help you stand out from the crowd. This is especially true with fashion brands and clothing lines.

The competition is fierce when it comes fashion ecommerce; even deciding on the name isn’t an easy task. The name should be such that it sets you apart from other labels. Most fashion brands tend to use the name of the designer as the brand name.

What about the ones that don’t, though? Remember, fashion comes and goes. However, a perfect brand name always remains; it’s important that you choose the right name for your company.

Here are some of things you’ll need to keep in mind.

Understand Your Customer Archetype

The first thing you’ll need to consider when creating your brand name is your target audience. The perfect name will help you associate with a large number of customers. Age, sex, income, location, income level, education level, and background—you’ll need to factor all these in when deciding on your target audience.

Which segment of the population do you wish to target? Is it the urbane and sophisticated people of the society, or millennials? The company name you choose should clearly reflect this.

This is the reason why sports brands have short names like Nike, Fila, and Puma. On the other hand, names like Zara reflect high-end fashion and sophistication.Name for your clothing store

Focus On Your Brand’s Personality

Many established fashion brands have been named after their designers or owners. And what better way to reflect the true personality of the brand, especially when the designer is well known.

Key examples include Tommy Hilfiger, Ritu Kumar, and Calvin Klein. However, if you don’t to name your brand after yourself, choose a name that reflects your company’s personality. Consider Forever21. This brand name can work well for clothing stores, establishing their identity as a store that wants to cater to the younger crowd.perfect name for clothing store

Be Innovative And Creative

Take the example of stores like Totokaelo (meaning ‘the sky is the limit’ in Latin), and COS (an acronym of ‘Collection Of Style’). The owners of these stores exercised creativity to come with up with names like these. Many fashion entrepreneurs go with names that reflect current fads, like FCUK.Name for your online store

Keep It Simple

One of the most important things to ensure is that the name you choose is simple and easy to pronounce and remember. It should be relevant to your products, and it should be able to evoke a strong feeling in the minds of your customers.

Keep The Copyright Factor In Mind

Name for clothing storeRegardless of the name you choose, make sure you check trademarks and copyrights to avoid legal hassles in the future. You might feel like using a foreign name for your store, only to find that a store already exists by that name. Make sure there’s no other brand with the same name in the market.

The stories behind the names of some of the famous clothing lines are quite fascinating. If you want to find a company name, you can even make use of dedicated ‘fashion brand name generators’ available on the Internet.

E-commerce solution providers like Shopify offer such tools, which help you come up with shop names. You can also use Shopify to build your fashion store and sell your products online.

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